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The most anticipated films

May 22 2007

New cartoon "Shrek the Third" set a new record box office receipts in the first rolling weekend. 2 days cartoon about a green Ogre and his friends earned $ 122 million. Previous record for an animated project belonged to "Shrek 2".

Christina Aguilera and Zhanna Friske on one stage

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Metallica and Ozzy: gods arrived to Moscow

Tomorrow (May 23) in Russia will start showing another blockbuster from the U.S.. Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End "is probably the most anticipated The film of the year.

The new adventures of pirates, Elizabeth Swann, Will Turner and the crew of the Black Pearl go in search of Jack Sparrow, who was at the mercy of the sea devil Davy Jones. However, they will not only help his friend, but to join battle for their own lives on the edge of Light.

Advertisement pictures all the same: director Gore Verbinski, producer Jerry Bruckheimer, the script by Terry Rossio and Ted Elliott. Cast again, Johnny Depp, Orlando Bloom, Keira Knightley, Geoffrey Rush, Jonathan Pryce, Bill Nighy, Chow Yun-Fat, Tom Hollander, Stellan Skarsgaard, Kevin McNally, Jack Davenport

Soon to cinemas to appear ageless and Bruce Willis in the next, already the fourth "Die Hard". This time, John MacLean will save States from Internet-terrorists, going to literally "turn off" the United States. To help Bruce Willis and his Beretta writers movie planted a young, undisciplined, but very talented assistant.

But it's all predictable sequels, but what this movie about the output of which does not cry every banner on the Internet? In June, in theaters will be to see new works by cult director Quentin Tarantino and Wong Kar-hand.

On the painting "Death Proof" Tarantino has worked together with another famous director and cameraman Robert Rodriguez (From Dusk Till Dawn, The Faculty, "" Kill Bill "," Sin City "). The film is made in the genre of horror film and it can be safely described as one of the most anticipated in this genre. A film about the maniac stuntman Mike, played by Kurt Russell. The entire film, he hunts for beautiful girls and as the murder weapon uses its magnificent car racing. The film starring: Kurt Russell, Michael Bean, Zoe Bell, Rosario Dawson, Freddy Rodriguez, and others.

Film Wong Kar-hand "My black eyes» (My Blueberry Nights) tells about a young girl who decided to travel across America to resolve their problems of love and find meaning in life. The first American film, the author of "Chunkingskogo Express," "Mood for Love" and "2046" starring: Norah Jones, Jude Law, Tim Roth, Natalie Portman, Rachel Uayts and other new work by Wong Kar-wai will be presented at the Cannes Film Festival this year .

Russia erupted at the Cannes Film Festival

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Closer to fall, the screens will come new films the Coen brothers and Nikita Mikhalkov.On a plot of the picture "No Country for Old Men," The Deer Hunter Moss (Josh Brolin) finds on the banks of the Rio Grande several dead, 2 million dollars in cash and loads of heroin. Moss, without thinking, to take possession of all the found property, and from that moment the hunter becomes a victim. On his trail are maniac surgeon (Javier Bardem), hired hitman (Woody Harrelson), and the sheriff (Tommy Lee Jones).

The yield on the screens of the domestic long-term construction "12 Angry Men" by Nikita Mikhalkov, of course, the event is number 1 for the Russian cinema. On a plot of 12 jurors are trying to reach a verdict on Chechen boy, whom the court accused of killing adoptive Russian father. Along the way jurors are opened more and more gruesome details. Interesting, but this is the first feature film maestro of national cinema since "The Barber of Siberia" (1998). Starring Sergei Makovetsky, Sergei Garmash, Alexei Petrenko, Valentin Gaft, Mikhail Efremov, and others.

But what are we all about the serious, but the serious. In mid-October in the film distribution beyond doubt the funniest comedy since the Russian "Peculiarities of National Hunting."

On a plot of the film "Election Day" team of one of the most popular radio stations of the country receives an order from a mysterious client Emanuel Gedeonovicha. Need as soon as possible "roll out" in the regional elections are absolutely hopeless candidate. Needed votes from the competition and thus affect the election of a new governor.

For the task of national importance are taken best minds station. And now, DJs and secretaries, administrators, and the engineer with radio sailing down the Volga Boat "Nikolai Bauman. In support of the candidate they hold press conferences, staged rallies and give concerts. Tighten the top-rated musicians "Serge", "String", "Andrei Makarevich," Ivanushki International »,« Chaif, "BBC 2" and others. Involved the whole creative potential. Soon the station employees is completely unimportant that they are working for another candidate. Course of the ship sailing along the Volga only to win!

Under the leadership of director Oleg Fomin a great actor has become a popular commentator Vasily Utkin. Numerous jokes on the topic of football, and not only heard from the lips of the Quartet, "And," Mikhail Efremov Alexei Kortneva, Marat Basharova, Eugene Stychkin and a whole constellation of popular performers.

Alex Vitvitskiy


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