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Gauloises Avant Fest: The Invisible and banana princess reveal the secrets of the third planet, and man bite dog

June 20 2006

Teams performing at the festival, not only play music in different directions, but also capable of impressing the unprepared listener is already among their names. "The Banana Princess» (Banana Princess), «Secrets of the Third Planet» (Secrets of the Third Planet), «Children of Picasso," "Invisible Man", "Moret and Relsy" - only a fraction of bright and imaginative names of groups represented in the festival program. Charmingly-topographical "I left the top" in the neighborhood program with a sort of Spanish secret community, hopefully, not inquisitorial ( Secret Society , Spain).

The names even reflected in different sizes: from pixels to the size of the ocean (of Oceansize , UK; The Pixel), but the most extraordinary of all we can assume the name of Man Bites Dog - that is, the "man bites dog." And there's nothing to answer the question "Why?" Appearing in the name of the other participants of the festival - the American band Why? answer whether foreign colleagues from the group Dog Eat Dog, interest in creativity O. Kulik, depicting a dog or just a "joke of humor? As sung in a well-known song, «Don't ask me why». More without tiring the reader's linguistic, musical analysis, we recommend not to miss this musical event and pay special attention to the following participants Gauloises Avant Fest.

Scottish band Arab Strap - countrymen Franz Ferdinand and Mogwai, at home are very popular. In his work synthesizes zamorochenny not too avant-garde with deep folk tradition, critics consider them equally to the intellectual pop music and post-rock. Their debut album was released in 1995 in Glasgow. After some time the band became famous when a respected British radio station Radio One called them hit «The first big weekend» «song of the decade." Recently released its sixth album, Arab Strap, unlike previous "minimalist" work of the duo and is almost entirely composed of pop hits.

Oceansize (UK) - one of the greatest hopes of the British alternative music. The team was formed in 1998 in Manchester, and by early 2001 newspaper Manchester Evening News called it the best team in Manchester, have not concluded a contract with the record company. Oceansize sing about everyday life, their spirits up materials from Cosmo and thinking about whether it is possible to love one-armed man ... These thoughts and images imbued with the music that conveys the full range of emotions - from the blessed light of melancholy and fear.

After a single «Catalyst»   and release of the video on his band Oceansize finally won recognition as the most promising team in the British rock scene. On his last album combines the intelligence of the art-rock with the energy of the metal. Oceansize can be considered as followers of Coldplay and Travis, but among their influences, they are called classic rock (Pink Floyd) and the pillars of post-rock (Mogwai), alternativschikov (Jane's Addiction, Tool) and even rock avant-garde (Can, Tortoise).

Dominique A (Dominique Anet) - French rock musician, composer, lyricist, winner of an amazing voice and great charisma. In 1990, at the age of twenty-two years, he recorded in his home studio his first album.Drive in 1995 «La Memoire Neuve» brought him success: it sold more than 100,000 copies of the album, and Dominique received a national award "Victoria" in the category "Best New Singer". Subsequently, Dominic has worked with the author of the soundtrack to "Amelie" Ian Tirsenom, participated in his concerts as a singer. Dominica is now called the "veteran" of the new French scene, one of its creators. This year's seventh album was released Dominica - «L'Horizon», and the forecast of the journal «Rolling Stone», he "can become a plate in France." At the festival Gauloises Avant Fest Dominique A solo act. To the accompaniment of drum machine, he will be sampled my guitar, on top of them to play a new and, of course, demonstrate the capabilities of his voice.

English group BigFinn interfere with bar blues rock falls into a piercing electronics and goes on insanely joyful, incendiary country. The team represents a community of independent artists and musicians, sometimes gathering together pobrenchat guitar, bang on drums, sing the chorus and record an album. Participants in the group of 9 persons, one of them likes to play in the theater, the other from childhood burns in the ensemble of the Scottish national dances. They all live in Manchester and all regularly play in other teams. Concurrently the founding fathers BigFinn, Makloeny brothers - owners of the famous studio MoolahRouge, which record their albums New Order, The Doves, and their friends I Am Kloot.

Group PLOKK appeared in 2000 in Hamburg, where several young men gathered to improvise on musical instruments. Now PLOKK - a trio consisting of guitarist, bassist and drummer. About me they say: "We advocate for financial difficulties, internal rebellion and spiritual uncertainty with tools that we inherited from our mothers." The band members have talent literate combination of sound, with the proportion of playing every single instrument calibrated and calculated almost mathematical way. Components of the music team - hardcore, jazz, post-rock and folk. Some critics predict PLOKK a great future, calling the group "a new word in modern music industry."

Refree hiding behind a pseudonym barselonets Raul Fernandez, the singer-poet, his work is described as "gentle sketches, which seem about to melt away as the moisture disappears watercolor lines. But from these endangered silhouettes remain the same feeling as on trips to unknown lands. " Raul and his team have come to Moscow for the fifth time.

Mentioned earlier howcast Why? - One of the leading representatives of the alternative hip-hop, their music combines elements of rap, indie hip-hop, pop, folk, psychedelic rock. This band from America, the leader Why? Yoni Wolf long sought his own style by participating in many projects: sang lo-fi-rap group Greenthink, participated in the project estetskih Reaching Quiet. Then found his own niche, establishing Why?. The band recorded two EP and an album Oaklandazulasylum (2003). Last album of the band, Elephant Eyelash (2005), it seems clearer and more accessible to others: Yoni departs from the earlier favorite hip-hop and becomes larger than before, melodist. Individual attention, lyrics that connect life position, inherited from the beatniks, and surreal inherent in Lewis Carroll.

akonets, Pepo Marquez - and musician in Madrid, the creator of The Secret Society. Marquez has already managed to release three EP, attend concerts in many countries, from Spain, Belgium, Holland and ending with the eastern bank of the United States, and now together with his project The Secret Society is coming to Moscow. The group will sing songs from their album Sad Boys Dance When No One's Watching. This music can be compared with the work of Bright Eyes and Elliott Smith.

Festival Schedule

June 24

"I left the top"
Hot Zex
Silence Kit
Secret Society (Spain)
"Children of Picasso"
Refree (Spain)
Dominique A (France)
Arab Strap (UK)

Won James Won
Banana Princess
Secrets of the Third Planet

June 25

Man Bites Dog
2H Company
"Moreh and Relsy"
Plokk (Germany)
Bigfinn (UK)
Why? (U.S.)
Oceansize (UK)

The Pixel

Natalia Filippovich


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