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«Hot Art»: winter will still come!

December 18 2006

Russian people are not very fond of painting about winter, since it is usually spread out over six months. And if they have not had time to grow out of it, but this year with this special time of year rush.

Perhaps, therefore, to somehow feel his gallery Art Eclectique decided to please the citizens showing pictures that would have plunged them into the winter world. That's just the name of their exhibition, they picked up some kind of prophecy - "Hot Art Zima 007.

Extraordinary artists choose markers

Home "line", or the artist's heart cardiogram

Monuments of Russian avant-garde theater: the play dead, and the sketches were "

However, it does not hurt to enjoy the works presented in the exposition. After all, in English, the word «hot» has two meanings: the hot and warm, yet stylish and current. Therefore, the basic concept of the exhibition was a mixture of styles, contrasting the "new" and "old" art.

"On the eve of New Year we decided to experience the winter, but decided to approach it creatively, putting not combined the style of artists. The idea of bring together so many different directions at the beginning of everything seemed shocking.

After one exhibition space it is impossible to combine the work of avant-garde, post-avant-garde, abstract art, pop art and more classical direction-realism and impressionism. But when they had work together, we realized that the pictures are not contradictory, but complementary. So they decided to make a kind of "wall to wall" - realism against the avant-garde "- shared her
thoughts in an exclusive interview housewife gallery Anna Oner.

Winter is associated by many with snow-covered landscapes, academic manner, Gallery of Art Eclectique offered a very different vision of winter. This exhibition is positioned itself as a fresh show of contemporary art of the winter season '07.

Therefore, the work was non-standard: the controversial, sometimes shocking, but extremely timely and interesting. It presented the picture, which is ideal for both the chamber and for interior space. You could see some installations, which are difficult to perceive in the living room, but at the same joy to the eye and the usual winter Russian landscape.

"Natalia Thick constructs his paintings, as a kind of dream. But the essence of painting surface is a certain magic signs that are beneficial to the space. Valery Saahatov treats the winter, as a rigid architectonic structure, consisting of cold very difficult mazuritovyh blue shades. In my opinion, this view of the winter, from the point of view, when people from the morning run to work. Works great in Nadi Haiduk plastic, and good art requires no explanation. Artists Vladimir schools submitted Yudin, and many other different concentration of color-compound orange and deep blue, which in itself is a very difficult task akvarelisticheskuyu "- these comments are left on the painting art, Konstantin Malakhov.

"Hot Art Zima" (photo)

The works were selected for a long time and finally decided to present 16 artists. This amount was due to the fact that the gallery is working more in the interior. So often presents its clients with a variety of artists who have different views on this or that phenomenon, but in this case for the winter.

p align = "justify"> The exhibition was attended by such artists as: I. Alaverdova, A. Fateev, N. Butt, A. Brodsky, I. Mikhailenko, A. Sahat. Many of them were exhibited at the prestigious international art salons. And some work sold at auction, which also speaks of their particular level of skill. Correspondent of the newspaper managed to find out what the artists themselves think about their winter creations.

Valery Sahat:
"The windows of my studio overlooking the Moscow River. But in their glasses is reflected not only Moscow but also myself. And these perehlestnye line creates a certain state of insomnia. Therefore, the cycle of my paintings and got the same name with this condition. Generally, I write my own work in the tri-blue-yellow-red. In the summer I do not create such paintings, which are presented today, because going into the red, blue, yellow. However, Moscow is a city that is the winter purplish-blue, gray and silver. Therefore, these shades is very consistent with this exhibition.

Natalia Fat:
"My work is called" Snowdrop ". We all know that this is the first flower in Russia. However, I am on the canvas is still irony about snowdrops, because in my work there are some nuts, bolts, collage. And it turns out that this sort of nostalgia about the snowdrop. Nowadays, these flowers grow some unreal, because the whole nature is gone. Therefore, the name of nostalgic paintings, and the implementation-ironic ".

Irina Alaverdova:
"At today's exhibition features several pictures from my series" Suzdalskoe Lights. In the winter of 2002 I got in Suzdal and shocked me, as far as there was all white - from the snow and ending with even the sun. And I really wanted to write it. Leave white, but that it was the maximum number of clusters of different colors. And my greatest achievement, the fact that in the middle of the hall was set bench. And when people sit down at her, then later came up to me and said that there holodnova something. Today, no benches, but I hope that the effect remains the same. "

The exhibition "Hot Art Zima 007" became the starting point in establishing a new kind of gallery art, calculated on a new audience. Under the auspices of the exhibition as a presentation of the book "Morning Butterfly" writer Helen Minkino. However, exposure to one hundred percent answered the name of the exhibition is the most interesting things to offer us a new art season.

Anastasia Kudinov

Константин Дятлов

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