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The romantic story of the ellipsis »-" Mamma Mia! " (Photo)

October 13 2006

On October 12, at the Moscow House of Youth was a long-awaited premiere of the musical «Mamma Mia!», So far only for journalists and members of the fan club, but the 14-th of the month, everyone will be able to see one of the most famous productions of today.

Created by the songs of ABBA musical has become another in a line of world hits brought to Russia in recent years. So the first major project was the musical "Metro", after him came the sensational in the U.S. and Europe, "Notre Dame", "Chicago", "42 nd Street", "The Witches of Eastwick," "Romeo and Juliet", "Cats" , «We will rock you». But not all of them were taken to the cheers of the Moscow fastidious audience. Neither Chicago nor the 42-th street "or" The Witches of Eastwick 'not worth their costs (from 5 to 11 million dollars) and were soon closed.

What is «Mamma Mia!»: The story of a musical

Musical "Cats": adult tutor, squinting at a small animal is drawn to the spectator on his knees

"Monuments of Russian avant-garde theater: the play is dead, and sketches were"

Of the last prime and neither has won fame, could be called "Romeo and Juliet" and «We will rock you». What can we say about the fate of Russian musicals. The infamous "Nord-Ost" and unnoticed by the public "12 chairs" were initially unprofitable.

But there sverhudachnye projects, such as world hits "Notre Dame" and "Cats." In our view «Mamma Mia!» Repeat their success. Such a forecast can be made for several reasons. First, the director of the show himself Paul Harrington, the choreographer - Nicola Trehorn, musical director - David Holtsenberg, artistic director - Jonathan Allen, a lighting designer - Pia Virolainen, artists from the sound - Richard Brooker and Brian Beasley. Secondly, personally oversaw the formulation Bjorn Ulvaeus and Benny Anderson, legendary parties ABBA. So for the quality of the product no doubt, it is completely identical to Western standards.

By genre musical «Mamma Mia!» Is not fraught with anything complicated. This is a beautiful comedy-romance, and all well-known songs. From the perspective of an ordinary person of the ordinary public, the show put "cool". Excellent light, good crisp sound, most familiar from childhood songs (I'm not a fan of ABBA, but not only learned a couple of songs sounded), good acting, colorful costumes, and all this in Russian. All 22 hits in the language of Pushkin and Tolstoy translated poet Alexei Courtney.

Earlier Kortnev already translated musicals "Cats" and "The Witches of Eastwick. Russian text has passed strict adaptation. Despite the fact that the translation must accurately transmit the author's version of the song ABBA, some of the phrases had to be reworked. For example, the song «The Winner Takes It All», was the main chorus line "Who won - that's right!" This phrase differs significantly from the literal translation of the "Winner takes all," but hardly a wide range of fans of musicals is, until this matter . In each country, staging is the native language, and in this regard, it would be very interested to hear «ABBA solyutny hit" in Japanese.

Ilze Liepa: "Tamar" - a new ballet based on an old topic

Magic Fleur in Moscow

spolnitelnitsu starring (Sophie) Natalia Bystrov found in Yekaterinburg. As with all other role needed someone who could both sing, dance and own theater. Natalia almost the belle of the city for a long time to play KVN, worked on local television, and now Natalia will please his acting skill residents of the capital. Total in the company involved 35 people.

At the premiere the hall was filled with numerous representatives of the press and guests. Groundlings as expected given the hundreds of fans of ABBA and the crowd. Young people should have to provide support for the play and create the appearance of a full house. Note that a new musical in Moscow Palace of Youth significantly reduced the number of seats, now Hall can accommodate only 1,300 spectators, instead of the usual two thousand.

Live performance of a partial "minusovku" accompanied by the orchestra was perfect, because preparations for the first show lasted more than four months. The orchestra consists of four keyboards, two guitars, bass guitars, percussion and drums. Musical director, stage manager and chief conductor - Eugene Zagot.

Liked and obviously very expensive moving scenery, always move tavern dropped the moon, the sun was setting, the scene does not remain static.

The musical features 22 songs of ABBA: Honey, Honey | Money, Money, Money | Thank You for the Music | Mamma Mia | Chiquitita | Dancing Queen | Lay All Your Love on Me | Super Trouper | Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! | The Name of the Game | Voulez-Vous | Under Attack | One of Us | SOS | Does Your Mother Know | Knowing Me, Knowing You | Our Last Summer | Slipping Through My Fingers | The Winner Takes It All | Take a Chance on Me | I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do | I Have a Dream. Voices of the actors are good and leave a positive impression. Unfortunately, the native Russian language, often mutilating English grammar, but that is the price of "art" and even Kortnev does not help here.

Let's talk about the plot. The action takes place on a sunny Greek island in a small tavern. A young girl Sophie is about to get married and dreams that the ceremony took place on all the rules. Of course, she wants to be invited to the wedding of his father that he took her to the altar. But she does not know who he is. The girl's mother, Donna never told about it and tolerated such talk.

It begins with the fact that beauty Sophie "finds" her mother Donna's diary, in which she describes her relationships with three men: 21 years ago, flowers, boat, evening on the island and ... "dots". Sophia decides to send invitations to all three possible "father".

Donna is not happy about the upcoming wedding, and only the arrival of almost forgotten lovers absolutely knows nothing and cares nothing about. At the wedding, she invites her old friends: a fatal beauty Tanya and Rosie a fat. A further plot the performance is the combination of comedic situations that emphasizes the cheerful music of ABBA and the witty dialogues of heroes, occasionally even pretty vulgar jokes, in the spirit of "You Blow and not suck" ... The history of a romantic and very sweet ending.

At the end of the play, young fans have tried to instill in our public custom dance with the actors for an encore of three songs. In the United States throughout the musical audience dancing and singing their favorite songs, but it looks like in Russia, the director will have to live with our "callousness". Nothing came of it, because to dance in the churches we also still "immature". After all, a musical for the majority of Russians is primarily a drama, and only secondarily the show.

While plans for the "Mamma Mia!", It has two seasons in the mode of 34 performances a month.

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Vitvitskiy Alex


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