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"I am Hindu": an unusual look at everyday life photographer Ananta Dasa

March 13 2007

The gallery opened an exhibition of Helen Vrublevskaya photographer Ananta Dasa. The exhibition will take place in a parallel program of the Second Moscow Biennale of Contemporary Art. The project, called "I am Hindu" explores the national character as an example of a single Indian family.

From 1989 to 2006, Mr. Ananta Dasa was watching the family Shma Lal (India, city of Vrindavan). However, the photographs were not only those related by blood ties. Das shows and those who surround this family: close and distant relatives, neighbors, friends, pets.

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The result of family research, conducted Ananta Das has over 16 years old, bears no resemblance to the family photo album with fixed Significant for people events (birth, adulthood, and so on). On the contrary, the author removes all perspective of time. It seems that the snatched moments occurred when a very long time, and maybe even only occur in the future.

"I would just say that the current exposure is not a project. I just lived their lives to fixing the Indian. We can say that it is my observation since I did not take his life from creativity. All photographs were taken by me, but gathering together of these works dealt with the owner of the gallery. I shot a lot of films, because all the people in India are very beautiful. And if you believe the predictions that in a past life I was ever a Hindu ", - said in an exclusive interview Ananta Dasa.

Work Ananta really can not be called a glance European man in India. Photographer is not perceived by people shown in the photo as something alien, his presence is unnoticed. Das completely immersed in the environment, it is a part of this environment, it is one of the necessary conditions for its study. None of the works, in fact, is not staged, people are almost smiling, as usual tourist photo from India. It seems that these shots could be made in any other country in the world, remained unchanged if only the author's view.

Das calls his work study. Black and white performance, scientific approach gives the "element of the documentary. But this is only a first impression. Lack of time, geographical and ethnographic contexts gives an unusual depth of the Dasa. Add to this the inherent monumentality of his original, the game plans, unexpected compositions. Ananta Das masterfully able to transform photos into an artistic documentary.

"My pictures in black and white, because I have an old camera. There is nothing better than to charge the film. And when creating pictures helps me retoucher. After developing the film, on paper are points, which then have to clean. Therefore, the process turns out a collective, and I would even say that there is a certain mystery. Moreover, few people today know this technique. After all, the most valuable thing in this whole process you are putting their hands "- shared his opinion Dasa.

Photography Ananta Dasa from the gallery Elena Vrublevskaya

Also in the room other than picture shows an Indian movie. However, he Dasa said that the film has no relation to his exhibition."He just has to do with the world of India, after all these nostalgic films about pure love and suffering.

After this show the audience was presented a silent short film, assembled by Ananta. A few minutes the whole crowd stayed in silence, to see and understand the life of the inhabitants of India, seeking in all directions. Sometimes they were taken so close and realistically, that seemed to lie somewhere close.

"All this was filmed nine hours, after which I lay a month with a back ache. Millions of people literally threw themselves at me, but no one touched. And it was a mystery. For every step in life - a phenomenon sacred. And I decided to show this film, since the objective of the exhibition is that people drew attention to himself, but everyone has their choice. And I think that the energy of this place and this event got a little bit in your heart and give a positive result ", - told Ananta Dasa.

Anastasia Kudinov

Константин Дятлов

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