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The Sisters of Mercy: Sisters of Mercy of the Temple of love

December 8 2006

Arrival in Moscow, the cult band The Sisters Of Mercy finally did take place. The team was founded in 1980 by Andrew Eldritch and Gary Marx. Already in 1982, The Sisters Of Mercy led various independent British charts.

Having lived through the era of glory in the mid-80's, the group almost ceased to act. As time has changed and music collective. The powerful guitar sound of the first album gave way to fashionable at the time the sound of the synthesizer, and the most famous song of that period was the song Temple of love with the eponymous single.

In 1991, the group first toured the United States. Then there were a few local tours and everything. Only in 2001 The Sisters Of Mercy returned to touring, speaking at various festivals in Germany, Belgium and Sweden and Finland.

The band toured extensively around the world and their first performance in Moscow was, of course, an important event for Moscow's gothic underground. The concert took place in the new club "B1". It is located near the metro station "Leninsky prospect". Entering the club, and I imagine that he could not so enormous. By its size and capacity it half as more legendary DK Gorbunova, currently closed for repairs.

Later onset (officially at 21:00) due to week-day, selected for the concert. Speakers at the weekend t. A. t. U in Moscow, while more popular than "sister" from foggy Albion.

For photographers blocked off "press area" for the convenience of shooting. Unfortunately, only three songs. The room had gathered an impressive group of fans, despite the rather expensive tickets. At least 3-4 thousand people attended the concert of the founders of the Gothic movement.

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Exit The Sisters Of Mercy took place at 22:00. The first song the band played First And Last And Always. Then sounded Ribbons and Crash And Burn. The first three songs for the photographers were literally in a daze. Stage smoke filled the entire concert spacious hall. On these three tracks sound was very raw, but gradually it sound engineers corrected.

The most brilliant performance of the concert is light, it was magical. There was a feeling that I was once again one of European festivals. "Old men" were very energetic, but the other we did not expect. Modern Schwarz scene is very diverse, but its origins, it takes from the Sister of Mercy. Soon the whole room was plunged into the atmosphere 80. Melancholy, monotonous sound, more and more often replaced by a reef from old albums.

The band played almost exclusively hits. Somewhere in the middle of the show hall roared with delight sounded Mother Russia. After This Corrosion musicians left the stage, soon to get an encore. Among the shortcomings statements can be identified offishness group with the audience. Everything that was enough to Andrew this ad regular tracks and "Spasybo" to complete the presentation.

The concert sold branded T-shirts of 500 rubles. But this positive moment in the whole spoiled prices at the bar. Beer and vodka in the "B1" from 200 rubles, while the other drinks prices three times higher than the average in Moscow.

he first bis consisted of Something Fast and Lucretia My Reflection, but when the band left the stage for the second time the audience demanded guests to play their major hit, and of course it sounded. Temple Of Love sung with all the hall as the final Vision Thing.

Seth - list

First And Last And Always
Crash And Burn
When You Don't See Me
Doctor Jeep / Detonation Boulevard
Flood I
We Are The Same, Susanne
Giving Ground
Dominion / Mother Russia
Will I Dream?
On The Wire
Flood II
This Corrosion
bis 1:
Something Fast
Lucretia My Reflection
bis 2:
Top Nite Out
Temple Of Love
Vision Thing

Vitvitskiy Alex


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