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Glamour and philosophy have been reunited at an exhibition of Swiss photos

July 5 2006

Year of Switzerland in Russia proved to be quite interesting for those interested in the glamorous world and scientific photography. These seemingly polar display two Swiss photographers were presented next to each other. Glamorous world of great European ball, fairy tale world, populated by elegant ladies dressed in stirring the imagination open silk dresses with deep notches; intense emotional pictures on the brink of eroticism and boredom, recovery and exhaustion, insanity, and sleep - this is a project by Jacob Tyuggenera "Ballroom Nights .

Exhibition Ballroom Nights "reflects one of the main themes of creativity Jacob Tyuggenera. In addition to the world of factories and workers to which the artist does not often asked (the book "Factory", 1943,) and the Swiss village life, which he actively photographing since the days of his service in the Swiss Army during World War II, namely high-society world of ballroom evenings all Life seemed to him the most fascinating subject of study. This New Year's Ball in St. Moritz, and the ball of the Vienna Opera Ball of Chrysanthemums in Munich. They inspired the master at creating expressive, subjective experiencing and poetic images.

Being usually unobserved famous visitors of the evening, he managed to capture the special details and moments of characteristic facial expressions and gestures, which then, in many respects by the laws of filmmaking, lined up in many cycles of paintings, or turned into a book. These were photos of intense emotional life, balancing between erotica and boredom, enthusiasm and exhaustion, madness and bedtime.

"I think that today's interest in this picture is growing not only because it is a certain nostalgia, but the stories and history of the 20 th century. After all, this is evidence of certain historical stage of Europe, which for us was entirely unknown, because it is the time we were cut off the Iron Curtain "- told in an exclusive interview Yoki. ru director of the Moscow House of Photography - Olga Sviblova

Interestingly, each picture - this is absolutely monumental canvas on which you can see the men's hands, put on the waist, lady, female bare shoulder, and other juicy details.

"Tyuggener not glamorous photographer, but it was he who laid the foundations of this phenomenon. On the other hand, his work tell us about the futility of a glamorous life, and thin enough criticism of this phenomenon with all the moments of truth, one way or another occur in this life ", - commented Olga Sviblova.

However, while one exhibit beckoned his mysterious character of secular parties, the other as anything she did not yield and attracted visitors not less intriguing objects and subjects. It presented a fantastic landscape shots of the soil, constantly moving and changing under the influence of erosion, and the metamorphosis of ice under the cold light of laboratory lamps, entailing and repulsive ravaged landscape of the human body. This was clearly, in a passionate statement about the artist Hans Danuzera contemporary world.

Some pictures from human bodies has proved difficult to understand, moreover, not everyone was pleased to look at it. However, the photographer himself commented on his unusual images like this:

"From the 80's I was very interested in private places where ordinary people can not reach, but which remain valid today. Everything about them talking, but no one had access, so my idea was just to show it visually, not words. "

Remaining in the frames of classical photographic techniques, the artist expands her possibilities and limits, escaping from them, and sometimes destroying them.Photo remaining art becomes a tool for scientific research.

Hans Danuzer works with the phenomenon, which is virtually none of the living contemporary artists and photographers are not investigated. To some extent we can say that at the beginning of his work was a black square of Malevich and therefore the result of this work is revealed as a black square, but only in the new space, which moves the artist's philosophical thought. He explores the relationships of living and nonliving "- said Olga Sviblova.

In black and white photographs Danuzera striking color careful study: the main color - gray, but how much diversity in it, how many transitions from a soft pearl-gray through a dull lead to a rich graphite black.

"In general, specificity of Swiss art - is a subtle philosophical research, surprisingly nuanced quality that we see in the works of Hans Danuzera for contemporary art in Switzerland, and at the Jacob Tyuggenera, where a nature photography, and not just black and white. There is a subtle attitude of the artist, not just a social report about such exciting things as the most elegant ballroom the night period in the history of the 20 th century. Both exhibitions have shown that the picture visualizes what is not visible to ordinary sight "- concluded Olga Sviblova.

Author: Anastasia Kudinov


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