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Jethro Tull: there is life in the old dog yet!

March 5 2005

Elegant news: in late March in Russia comes the famous band Jethro Tull! That we can remember them? Firstly, that the singer really 38 years of riding a stage on one leg, while blowing into a flute and wildly goggles. Another member of the group likes to dress in striped clothes - like a real prisoner. But all these external lightness adjacent to the highest professional level musicians who have made a huge contribution to the art-rock.

In the late 60's in England, like mushrooms after the rain there are various musical groups, many of whom then forever in the history of rock music as the greatest representative of this trend. Many people now wonder this paradox: where in the country, takes a much greater portion of the Earth, in a short time there was such a great number of the pioneers of new musical movements, progressive and virtuosic singers and just great talent? Without going into the essence of this phenomenon, and certainly not trying to explain it all sorts of theories such as "ethnogenesis" Gumilev, go to the story of a group that, there were all there and at the same time, was among the best teams in Britain.

Via the venerable name of the agronomist

It all started in the north of England, in Blackpool, there was a trio called the Blades, which in translation meant no relatives or namesakes of the eponymous vampire film "Blade" and something like "Well done". Kind fellows with all their enthusiasm, characteristic of young blues-rock, and then switched to a blend of blues and soul. The guitar in this group fuck skillfully and with ardor, Ian Anderson, and in those times, perhaps no one could have imagined that a few years this guy in a record period of rapid turn to advanced flutist.

Meanwhile, the street was in 1967. In search of a better life team moved to London, where he lived a new guitar player team - Mick Abrahams. By the way, just in those days there was a cool event with the name of the group: when the boys were renamed in Jethro Tull, a commercial printer confused the name and printed as Jethro Toe - that is, "Jethro Thumb." Downright Indian name some, but nobody gave any importance to this - the audience decided that it was intended.

Name of the group is indeed connected with an agronomist 18 th century, famous for the fact that he invented the seed drills. What exactly spodvigli eccentric band members be named after the venerable agricultural worker - remains a mystery. And the repertory has changed somewhat: in music, in addition to blues and rock, there were elements of Gothic architecture and jazz. It was then that Ian Anderson has to learn to play the flute - an idea to master this instrument prompted him that he had nothing to do on stage, while colleagues performed Solyakov.

Here is what he says about it: "While my friends were playing on their instruments, I do not know what I do. At the same time felt quite awkward, but eventually came to think about the flute and came out of this rather unpleasant situation. " He managed for six months on their own to learn this difficult instrument, listening to some jazz records. If you have never played the flute, it was reported that such results as that of Ian - it's, like, cool! Skill grew, and the behavior at the scene became more and more unusual - Anderson did not get tired pull a face and jumping on one leg.

Meanwhile, in a horse in 1968 left the band guitarist Mick Abrahams, and then, after a long search, was replaced by Martin Barray continued to play there ever since.The group he was a miracle: the guy with excitement managed to come to play, forgetting to take the guitar cord. When he was given a second chance - forget not only the power but power. In the end, Anderson was sympathetic to the floor on her knees, putting his ear to the deck, electric guitar, to hear that there is a guitarist, but could not understand. In the end, the guy decided to take the group for its strong commitment - and apparently, not lost with this decision.

Creative ugliness

Real success the band came in 1969 when they released their album, Stand Up («Arise") with a magnificent hit Living In The Past («Living in the past). Critics praised the band's style - a mixture of refined and melodic hard rock with blues, English folk and Celtic music from medieval madrigals and jazz. Weaving flute in an instrumental complex, contrasting against the background of tough-sounding guitar riffs - it was a wonderful way. Voice of the vocalist had a wondrous timbre, and even Iain Anderson managed to use a complicated technique: playing the flute, along with the singing voice of melody. In general, the group was not one, but a lot of zest.

Meanwhile, as a group have occurred some changes, after which came the album Aqualung, containing in itself the same name of a song dedicated to not scuba, but a man suffering from a cold (Aqua - water, and the lung - a light, so the poor fellow's name was "light water") . Here the group has once again presented to the audience not only great music, but thin in content texts.

In 1971, uch astniki groups continued to experiment with their appearance: the bass player and part-time bassist Jeffrey Hammond-Hammond appeared in costume in a large strip, but still exactly the same makarom painted and their instruments. Sam Anderson, of course, did not remain aloof from such ugliness: he defiled the stage in skin-tight leotard (just like Freddie Mercury), top-boots and fasten themselves overhead codpiece.

More - more: Musicians do not leave experiments with sound, creating conceptual albums and galleries, a symphony. Actually, such a path in the 70's were many of their colleagues. All the more interesting and challenging are the texts - for example, the disk 1973 A Passion Play («Good Game") was not understood by many. Ian Anderson sought to embody many zadumok, but, unfortunately, not all of them managed to implement: for example, failed to make the film War Child («Children of War") - the producers did not realize the genius of the work and demanded to change the script. But the stubborn Scot Anderson stood his ground and did not change anything. The hard life of a creative personality in show business ... However, the War Child CD still came out in 1974.

In 1987, the band shook the ancient and received a Grammy for the album Crest Of A Knave (something like "Sign of Diamonds"), who somehow was nominated for "best album in the style of hard 'n' heavy». Of course, no heavy music on the album seen and heard was not, but the disc, and the truth is good.

There were many other interesting works, and the group always remained true to herself. And by the way, that's what says about the team leader, Ian Anderson: "Fashions come and go, but went out, they usually return, but because it makes no sense to follow fashion. If we stay old-fashioned long enough, one day it turns out that you've come into fashion. "

Back in the USSR

In 2003, to the indescribable delight of fans, Jethro Tull for the first time in the history of the group drove to Russia with concerts.Enthusiasm was quite understandable: the collective appeared in 1967, acquired in our country a lot of admirers, and there awaited his arrival for a long time. During those tours, and despite its age, veteran art-rock is very clearly shown that they have more gunpowder in powder flasks - concerts, caused a storm of emotions. At that time the heavy artillery appeared in the: Ian Anderson, Martin Barre, Andrew Gidinggs, Jonathan Noyse, Doane Perry. In general, anything new about the current composition, we will not tell you - a tour in 2005 are all in the same glorious company.

Although the first time - very cool, the second coming of Ian Anderson and his team excites minds of the public no less - in Moscow in February, people began to actively stocking tickets. Perhaps it is such a blatant hype and spodvig tour organizers to add another Moscow concert (earlier it was a speech only March 22). By the way, with a choice of rooms in Moscow, it has paid off: the concert hall "Russia" is famous not only a huge hall, but a decent concert sound.

According to the organizer of the tour, President Alexander GreenWave Music Cheparukhin on upcoming concerts Jethro Tull will perform all of their good old hits. And another group of fans will love songs from the album Christmas Album («Christmas Album") - this disc - a relative svezhak, but has already gained popularity throughout the world. She was even named the best work of the past 25 years - and it means a lot.

In general, all the recent events in the lives of a group show that she was able to realize a long-standing desire Seva Novogorodtseva: "Sam was an agriculturist Jethro Tull 18 th century, and saying goodbye to a group of his name, I want to wish her seed drills have continued to sow reasonable, good, and, if possible, forever. " This is what happened: to this day Jethro Tull continues to produce strong albums and delight its fans with new shows.

Thus, the concerts of famous British art-rockers will take place:
March 22 and 23 - in Moscow, the concert hall "Russia"
March 24 - St. Petersburg, Oktyabrsky Concert Hall.


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