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Festival of German Cinema: this is different Germany

December 4 2006

From 6 - 10 December in Moscow with the support of the Ministry of Culture and the Embassy of Germany in the fifth time in Moscow will host Festival of German cinema. At the grand opening of the festival guests expected to arrive from Germany. This year, guests of the festival will be director of German Films Christian Dorsch, actress Jenny Elvers Elberttshagen, Martin Gelek, actor Axel Chriqui, directors Mark Bauder and Dörte Franke. The screenings will take place in cinema "35mm".


Kruce not happen / Knallhart; Caspian Bride / Caspian Bride (c / m); kisses / KussKuss - Dein Gl ü ck geh ö rt mir!; Mr. Schwartz, Mr. and Mr. Hatsen Horlocker / Mr. Schwartz, Mr. Hazen & Mr. Horlocker (c / m); Ideen / Eden; XX / 7 Agent / Das Leben der Anderen; Seeds of doubt / Folgesch ä den (TV movie); Unknown Soldier / Der unbekannte Soldat (dock. Film) Summer on the balcony / Sommer vorm Balkon and others.

Kruce not happen / Knallhart. Drama, 2006, 98 min.

Fifteen Michael Polishko gets in the urban world of complex ethnic neighborhood, far from customary for the boy chic suburbs. Because of the beatings and extortion by a gang of arrogant hooligans, Michael feels unhappy at school. Life at home - not much better, as they face those guys, which is hosting its pretty young mother in a desperate search for a new man. Life of Michael drastically changes when the leader of the urban underworld Hamal takes him under his wing. Thanks to an honest person Michael is an ideal candidate for the supply of drugs to local dealers. A teenager copes with these dangerous missions, like the pros. Michael proves that he is not timid, but eventually discovers that he no longer understood himself.

Directed by Detlev Buck. Cast: David Kross, Jenny Elvers Elberttshagen, Erhan Emre, Oktay Özdemir Inank, Khodro Kida Ramadan, Arnel Tatsi, Kai Michael Muller, Hans Lëv.

Participation in festivals: Berlin 2006 (Panorama), Shanghai 2006, Carlsbad 2006, the European Film Palic 2006, Warsaw 2006, Gent, 2006.

Awards: FIPRESCI, the prize Label Europa Cinemas Berlin 2006, prizes of German Films 2006 (silver - best film, best editing, best music), the prize Palic Tower for a unique artistic approach 2006.

XX / 7 agent (Das Leben der Anderen). Drama, 2005, 137 minutes.

East Berlin, November 1984. In the five years prior to his overthrow GDR government ensures its claim to power a ruthless system of control and investigation. A dedicated party member Captain Gerd Visler hopes to climb the ladder, doing the work of collecting evidence against the playwright Georg Draiman and his girlfriend - a famous theater actress Christa-Maria Zealand. After an operation supported by the highest political circles! However, he did not expect that immersion into the world of the observed object changes and the very detective agent.Immersion in the lives of others - in love, literature, freedom of thought and speech - Vislera leads to an acute awareness of the scarcity of its own existence and opens to him a completely new way of life, to resist which is becoming increasingly difficult. But when the system is already running, it can not be stopped. A dangerous game has begun ...

Stories from the heart of the East regime - "XX / 7 Agent" - is extremely exciting thriller and moving love story in the performance of several world-known German actors.

Director / script Florian Henckel von Donnersmarck. Starring Martina Gedeck, Ulrich Mühle, Zebastian Koch, Ulrich Tukur.

Participation in the Festivals: Locarno 2006 (running on the Piazza Grande), Toronto 2006 (spetspokaz), Haugesund 2006, Telluride, 2006, Gdynia, 2006, Helsinki 2006, Rio 2006, Copenhagen 2006 (in competition), Athens 2006, Warsaw 2006, Pusan 2006, Zagreb 2006 (in competition), London 2006, AFI-Los Angeles 2006, Cinemania - Sofia 2006, Black Nights - Tallinn 2006, Pantalla Pinamar-Argentina 2006.

Awards: Bavarian Film Awards 2005 (Best Actor: Ulrich Mühle; Best Newcomer - directing and screenplay: Florian Henckel von Donnersmarck; prize VGF: Wiedemann & Berg), German Films Awards 2006 (Gold - Best Film, Best Actor, Best Supporting Actor , best director, best cinematography, best art direction, best screenplay), the audience prize Locarno, 2006.

SUMMER IN THE BALCONY (Sommer vorm Balkon). Tragicomedy, 2005, 107 min.

Hot summer. Nick has a balcony with Catherine has a son, Ronald drives a truck, Tina works as a waitress, Oskar and Helene - old and lonely. In the beginning, middle or end of their lives they all ask the same key question: can love last forever? Or is it - just a temporary aberration?

Summer on the balcony - this is the story of two friends who from his balcony - between heaven and earth - stare into the stormy and difficult universe, where appropriate men too often fall short of expectations, but in order to be successful, even beautiful woman must be strong.

A charming comedy, full of human warmth, sincerity and exquisite humor - is a film about life.

Directed by Andreas Dresen. Cast: Nadja Uhl, Inka Friedrich, Andreas Schmidt, Stefanie Shënfeld.

Participation in the Festivals: Toronto 2005, San Sebastian 2005 (in competition), Chicago, 2005, Hof 2005, Goteborg 2006, Shanghai 2006, Festival do Rio 2006.

Awards: Silver Shell for Best Screenplay - San Sebastian 2005, Silver Hugo Best Actress - Chicago 2005, Bavarian Film Award 2005 (Best Director).

WINTER JOURNEY (Winterreise)

Drama, 2005, 95 min.

Franz Brenninger (60 years) has reached in life success. He has his own business on the trade of metalware, he lives in a beautiful house with his wife, Martha (60 years), has two adult children. But being impulsive in nature, Brenninger all annoying: too loud singing during the service at the church, and visited a brothel, neglects her sick and helpless wife, squandering money, despite the imminent bankruptcy of his company. According to doctors, Brenninger suffers manic depression. According Brenningera, all doctors - cretins.

He gets involved in a scam with Kenya. Correspondence from Africa translates Leila (18).Brenninger translates their last money to the African bank, instead of spending them on eye operation for his wife. After a while he realizes that all this business - deceit, and money lost. German police are powerless.

Directed by Hans Shtaynbihler. Cast: Joseph Birbihler, Siebel Kekilli, Hanna Schygulla, Andre Hennick.

Participation in the festivals: Carlsbad 2006 (in competition), Munich 2006 (opening film), Toronto, 2006.

Kisses (KussKuss - Dein Gl ü ck geh ö rt mir!)

Art, 2005, 95 min.

Laughed history courageous woman doctor, who persuades his friend to marry "nelegalke" from Algeria ... This is a film about love and betrayal, fear and responsibility. A film about happiness.

Directed Zëren Zenn. Cast: Karina Wiese, Saida Yavad, Axel Chriqui, Victor Shulman, Urzina Lardy, Daniel Stock.

Participation in the Festivals: Montreal 2005 (official program), Tbilisi 2005 (official program), the International Film Festival Braunschweig 2005 (official selection), Amiens 2005 (out of competition), Cinequest Film Festival San Jose 2006, Carlsbad 2006 (Program "Critics Choice Variety »).

Awards: Babelsberg Media Prize 2005 (Winner - Best Thesis Film), the prize for the "new generation" Studio Hamburg 2006 (nomination - best screenplay, best director, best film).

WHITE MASA (Die Weisse Massai)

Drama, 2005, 132 min.

Beautiful love story - about a white woman who gave all to share their lives with a black Masai warrior from Kenya.

Together with her husband Corinne planned to spend two weeks on the white beaches of Kenya. But get to know Lketinga - Maasai warrior, appeared before her in traditional dress, with characteristic hair and handcrafted jewelry - she stops with her husband and decides to stay with Lketinga forever. A young woman overcomes all the red tape and marries an uneducated person. Despite the complexity of communication, especially the successful business woman from Switzerland and the Masai warrior living in an African village with his tribe. Corinne, suffering from hepatitis and malaria, still trying to adjust to new living conditions. She buys a car and opens the grocery store a bit to make life easier for people in the village. She has a daughter. But the relations of Corinna and Lketinga become extremely complex. Her husband is extremely jealous, he gets angry, humiliated her and watching her every move. In the end, Corinne understands that their great love died. Its survival instinct is stronger than her feelings for Lketinga: together with her daughter, she goes on vacation to Switzerland, never to return ...

Summer 2004 (Sommer '04 an der Schlei)

Drama, 2006, 97 min.

In its 40 years, Miriam radiates beauty, tranquility and self-confidence - as if the sea near her summer home. In real life, which she shares with another Andre and their 15-year old son Nils, no taboos, but there is understanding. If Nils invites his 12-year-old girl Libya to spend the holidays with them - fine. But when the brazenly sensual Livia begins flirting with Bill, an older man, Miriam feels obligated to stop these dubious relationships.However, in doing so, she falls in love with the shy and charmingly insecure in himself Bill. Miriam seduces him, begins with him secretly meet. But Bill is not in love with Miriam, and in Libya. And suddenly the infinite horizons of life disappear for Miriam, in a fog of jealousy and rejection, which leads to a tragic mistake with fatal consequences ...

With Martina Gedeck ("Great March", "Elementary Particles"), starring and directing Stephen Cromer - winner of two prizes Grimme ("They raped Knuth") - is a powerful drama about the boundaries of feelings of guilt and love, struggle with their own ideas about morality .

EDEN (Eden)

Drama, 2005, 98 min.

A married woman is fascinated Eden "erotic cuisine" eccentric chef Gregor.

Their platonic gourmet meetings, both able to escape from a boring daily routine. As a result of marriage Eden blooms. However, they live in a small town, where nothing can remain secret for long. And after the husband Eden Xavier himself is trying to dish erotic cuisine, he is forced to act otherwise - will lose his wife.

Michael Hofmann was born in 1961 From 1988 to 1990. worked as a designer and director at an advertising agency LINTAS, and in 1991 become a freelance writer and director. In 1994 received a grant to participate in the Munich workshop on scenarios, and after setting several short films and writing a number of scenarios in 1998 He made his debut with the feature-length film Der Strand von Trouville. Among his other films: Kleine Fische (Short, 1988), An ganz normalen Tagen geschehen Dinge wie diese (Short, 1991), The Tale of the Girl and the Bear (Short, 1992), Lunapark (Short, 1993), Fleischgerichte, b ü rgerlich (Short, 1993), Big Eyes (documentary, 1993), Sex & Drugs (Short, 1994), Sophiiiie! (2002) and Eden (2005).

Hudak (Khadak)

Roman education, love story, 2006, 105 min.

The film, which takes place in frosty steppes of Mongolia, says the legend of Bugs - 17-year-old shepherd, who from birth to become a shaman. The country covers an epidemic, all the animals are killed. Age nomadic forcibly relocated to mining towns. Subsequently, Bugs finds out that the rumors about the epidemic were false: they are dissolved, to eradicate nomadism. With Tsoltsai, young and attractive coal thief, he began a great revolution.

Skeleton in the Cupboard (Jeder Schweigt von Etwas Anderem)

Documentary, 2006, 72 min.

Every family has a secret, which prefer to forget. Our guide, a writer, a priest and his wife - they all came from a country that no longer exists. There they visited the prison, when they were the same age as now their children. They became enemies of the GDR (East Germany), and then were "bought" by the government of West Germany. They openly express their views and for this to prison. But today they are almost impossible to talk about the past in the circle of their families, who also suffered greatly. He never tells the parents do not recognize political victims or even their children, as some are afraid to ask questions, and others do not have the courage to answer them.This film tells the story of three German families of the approximately 250,000 former political prisoners of the East regime.

Unknown Soldier (Der Unbekannte Soldat)

Historical documentary, 2006, 97 min.

Exhibition dedicated to the Wehrmacht, which was shown in eleven major cities between 1999 and 2004. and which saw more than 500 thousand visitors, has become a challenge to an entrenched social taboos. Until that time, public debate in Germany supported the image of "virtuous" armed forces. But suddenly appeared photos of Wehrmacht officers, killing civilians. The nation received a painful shock. Any participation of German armed forces in Nazi crimes was unbearable for people in postwar Germany, and thus it continued to be publicly denied matter.

Michael Ferhëfen discovered several crimes committed by the Wehrmacht, and made a film about terrorism in the Ukraine and Belorussia.

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