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Moscow artists "have revealed about the" Rembrandt

July 4 2006

In July, will celebrate 400 years since the birth of Dutchman Rembrandt van Rijn Harmensoona son who lived along the Rhine, Leiden miller (hence the nickname "van Rijn"). The big surprise on the eve of the anniversary year of Rembrandt was discovered that he is quite the originality is present in the visual culture of everyday life. Moreover, in most mass culture.

It is symbolic that the super popular film the recent past about the secret war of light and dark forces in recognizable scenery today in Moscow called "Night Watch" - as well as the famous painting by Rembrandt, depicting a group portrait of the Amsterdam police (!). The second part, "Day Watch", remember kinda gimmicky, contrived by ORT-design. In early winter, when most of the day in the power of darkness, on the broad avenues of the capital appeared white shields with the inscription, "Night Watch". As soon as the gathering twilight, the white screen stood out mysterious silhouettes. Someone's hands if pressed to the canvas inside, shined a flashlight. Located on the "other side" of the screen is clearly looking for something dark, eager to manifest itself in worldly reality.

This tizingovaya (teasing) advertising and prompted the two creative artists - Alex Politova and Marina Belova, as "about to reveal" Rembrandt through the visual artifacts of our time. From foamboard they made such delicate silhouettes, which are actually often shadow theater. To revive the paintings had to resort to complex theatrical mechanism. At three months, they, along with project curator Sergei Khachaturov turned into children's dungeon, in a wet basement, cut each picture. However, the work was done not in vain - to the audience the artists presented the project "Pro effect", consisting of 7 original paintings and 50 of the slide show.

"These pictures need to look and cultures of view here is the most important. After all, we started a game here with the light when you need to stare intently and see and be in their minds the images that flicker all the time and steal away from you. Through a focused vision begin to revive these old pictures, and our way step by step back to the origins of the Rembrandt's why at the end of the path we made a film of the paintings of Rembrandt, where these paintings appear to us as a virtual museum, "- said in an exclusive interview Yoki. ru Sergei Khachaturov.

Each of the paintings of the project is a landmark for creativity Rebrandta, starting from the early self-portrait, where he experimented with the possibilities of physiognomy, as it was taken from the masters of the Baroque, the psychological state and ending with the last, that for him the principal and confessional - "The Return of the Prodigal Son", which he wrote in the year of his death in 1669.

Each painting is Rembrandt's like staging an act of creation of planetary geology. Always from the beginning - with the separation of light from the darkness. And in an unusual use of Valero, and neglecting the purity of tone in the overall color paintings Rembrandt turned out to be the vanguard of the avant-garde of the future. "We tried to make this shadow theater turning to the art of the 20th century, from Futurism to the postmodern. And I think that this ideology is born the same voltage, which is interesting today ", - told Sergei Khachaturov.

However, the artists in the implementation of their designs appeal not only to some particular period in art. They have long been quite successfully developed their version of the synthesis of various kinds of art, from total installation to performance art and theater set design. But that's not all. According to the artist herself Marina Belova, "the opening of the project could not have done would have without the help of the Moscow House of Photography and, of course, inspiration."

it does not, however, remains an important, and that a new project - an answer-Hi Peter Greenaway, starring in the year of Rembrandt's own version of "Night Watch" and present a film performances in Amsterdam Riyksmuzeume.

Author: Anastasia Kudinov


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