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As Princess Dashkova and Stalin fought for a new letter of the alphabet

November 29 2009

November 29, 1783 as the birthday of the letter "E". That day at the meeting of the Imperial Russian Academy of Princess Ekaterina Romanova Dashkova proposed to introduce a new alphabet letter. By itself, the literature "e" was borrowed from French, where it has a different meaning.

On that day, at a meeting of academics discussed the draft of the full explanatory Slavic-Russian dictionary, then the famous 6-volume "Dictionary of the Russian Academy. Scientists have been going to go home when Ekaterina Romanova asked those present whether anyone write the word "tree". Academics agreed that the princess was joking, but that he wrote her spoken word іolka, said: "it right to represent one sound with two letters?" Observing that "reprimands these have already been introduced by custom, which, when it is not contrary to common sense in every way should follow, "Dashkova proposed to use a new letter" e "" to express the words and accent with this agreement as a beginner matiory, іolka, іozh, іol.

Dashkova arguments seemed persuasive, and the feasibility of introducing a new letter were asked to evaluate a member of the Academy of Sciences, Metropolitan Novgorod and St. Petersburg Gabriel. 18 th November 1784 letter "e" has received official recognition.

Innovative idea princess supported by a number of leading cultural figures of the time, including Derzhavin, who first began using the "e" in personal correspondence. The very first printed edition, which meets the letter "e" - a book of Ivan Dmitriev "And my trinkets" (1795), published in the Moscow university press at J. & H. A. Ridiger, Claudia. The first word, printed with the letter "e", was "all", then "ogonek", "penek", "Immortal", "vasilechik. The first name ("Potemkin") with this letter was published in 1798 in GRDerzhavin.

Known as the letter "e" was by NM Karamzin, in connection with which he was until recently the general opinion of its authors. In 1796, the first book published by Karamzin poetry anthology "Aonidy" coming out of the same university press, with the letter "e" were printed the words "dawn", "orel", "motylek", "tears", as well as the first verb "potek. But it is unknown whether that Karamzin's own idea or initiative is someone from the staff of the publisher. It should be noted that in scientific papers (for example, in his famous "History of the Russian State, 1816-29), Karamzin, the letter" e "is not used.

After a few centuries the legend that the popularization of the letter "e" was influenced by Joseph Stalin. According to her, 6 December 1942 brought Stalin to sign the order in which names of several generals have been published with the letter "e" instead of "e". Stalin was furious and the next day in all the articles of Pravda suddenly appeared the letter "e". Now the letter is used again, and she in Ulyanovsk, even a monument.

November 29, 1899 (exactly 110 years ago) was founded by the famous Spanish soccer club Barcelona.nbsp; Club, also known as "Leopard" was established by a group of Swiss, British, Spanish and Catalan footballers led by Joan Gamper.

"Barcelona has become one of the symbols of Catalonia, and hence the phrase - El Barça es mes que un club (« Barca - is more than just a club). Fans of FC Barcelona are also known as "Kulesa» (culés), in May 2006, the number of registered members reached 140 000 people. The main stadium of the club - the Camp Nou, the most spacious stadium in Europe.

In addition to the famous football team, the club also has four professional teams in other sports: basketball, handball, roller hockey and indoor football. These commands are supported by the main football section and have the same color form. In the past, the club also had a team of American football - the Barcelona Dragons. "

Also, the club supports a number of amateur rugby teams, women's basketball, women's soccer, hockey, baseball, cycling, field hockey, figure skating, volleyball and others.

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