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Amazing Facts - December 28

December 28 2008

December 28, 1065 was founded the British Westminster Abbey. New Gothic cathedral was built on order of Edward the Confessor and was located when not in London itself, but to the west of it .. Almost all English monarchs were crowned at Westminster, and at the local cemetery, burying the most celebrated British. Presumably, the first English king who was crowned here was Harold, in January 1066. Crushed him at the Battle of Hastings William the Conqueror was crowned here in the same year and the first record in the Abbey has witnessed it. Tradition of the coronation survived until our times. Early English Gothic structure of the building abbey increasingly obliged to Henry III, than any other rulers, although many architects, including Rena, have contributed to the image of the abbey. The church was built, with interruptions from 1245 to 1745 years.

December 28, 1869 in the United States was obtained the first patent for chewing gum - made it a dentist, William Finley Semple of the town of Mount Vernon, Ohio. His invention of a dentist named "advanced gum, where he planned to make gum without gum, adding to the solution "purifying components: rubber, powdered liquorice root, and coal. He believed that his chewing gum to some extent, represents a kind of expander for the jaws and at the same time, cleans his teeth. Number of patents: 98 304. Modern chewing gum was invented in 1928 a 23-year-old accountant, Walter Diemer. The first batch was pink - so the colors and asked the general train of thought. Cud he named Dubble Bubble. "It happened quite by accident" - told in an interview Diemer in 1996. "I did not understand what, and do not understand what finished with bubbles."

Modern chewing gum consists primarily of chewing basis (mainly synthetic polymers), which is sometimes added ingredients derived from the sap of the tree Sapodilla or oleoresin of coniferous trees. Gum also contains flavors, fragrances, preservatives and other food additives. In recent years become popular gum containing sugar substitutes and protivokarioznye substances such as fluorine compounds, xylitol, urea.

His most big bubble of chewing gum was recorded in July of 1994 in a television studio «ABC», New York. His tricked Susan Mantgomeri from the U.S., the bubble diameter was 58.5 centimeters (more size in the shoulders of an adult male average body type). For his record Susan Mantgomeri use Japanese chewing gum Marukava.

December 28, 1895 as the birthday of movie - then, in Paris, in the Indian Salon Grand Cafe on the Boulevard des Capucines, held the first public display of "Cinématographe the Lumiere brothers." The notion of "cinema" first appeared in its French version - "cinematography" , indicates the system of creating and showing the film, developed brothers Louis and Auguste Lumiere, Jean. The first movie was filmed using cameras Frenchman Louis Aimé Augustin Le Bring (1842-1890) in the UK in November 1888, it consisted of two segments: the first - 10-12 images per second, the second - 20 pictures per second.

In 1895, Frenchmen Louis and Auguste Lumiere received a patent for the invention of the machine "motion picture." March 22, 1895 in Paris, the brothers staged the first ever film session.They have shown - so far only a small circle of friends - the brief tape "Out of working with the Lumiere Factory." 28 December of that year Lumiere has provided the public the world's first short film "Arrival of a Train at La Station CIOTAT. Viewers embraced footage of the film "Out of working with the Lumiere Factory", "learning to the movies themselves, but a demonstration of" the train arrived at the station of La CIOTAT "forced them to jump from their seats for fear of injury or be crushed by a moving train." In 1896 the brothers went on their world tour with his invention, visiting London, New York, Bombay.

In Russia, the first demonstration of the film was held on Jan. 9, 1894 at the IX Congress of Russian naturalists and physicians in Moscow, two years before the "official" birthday. With the movie camera design M. Freidenberg, who used Skachkova mechanism IA Timchenko, were shown on the screen moving riders and javelin thrower. The first session of the cinema of the Lumiere brothers held May 16, 1896 in St. Petersburg. Show took place between the acts of operetta in the Hermitage Garden "by volunteers (Years later, at this point, there was the first film set Lenfilm Studio). First Color domestic tape was released in 1925. This was the famous "Battleship Potemkin".

Release prepared by Max K * - based on encyclopedias and other public sources.

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