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Three lives Oblique Madonna

August 28 2007

Natalia Goncharova - stotrinadtsataya and fatal love of Alexander Pushkin.

In the summer of 1812, when Napoleon's troops marched to western Russia in Moscow, many nobles fled from war in the eastern lands. So Kaluga landowner Nikolai Goncharov was in the Tambov province, where the village of Karia, estate Zagryazhskaya brothers, close relatives through his wife, he one day after the battle of Borodino daughter, Natalia.

Life first

In this life that has passed before the first and fateful marriage, Tasha Goncharova grew up in Kaluga his father's estate in a low, but the spoiled, not wanting anything to seriously learn a teenager, only God's law, languages, yes dances were given to her easily. From the small of her age, all guests Plain Plant celebrated the extraordinary beauty of the sixth child of the family Goncharov. A mother of a family, Natalya, strict and capricious lady, who ruled the home and family with an iron hand, talked about her youngest daughter this way: "Too quiet. In the quiet waters run deep."

Extraordinary beauty Natalia was true ticket to the world of tumultuous social life: the early years it began to carry on the balls and assemblies. Already, 15 years after it is firmly entrenched glory of the first beauty of Moscow, is accompanied by a crowd around her admirers. Goncharov vying shill for the festival hosts the best of the old capital. And in December 1828, the first Moscow beauty, which by then already 16 years old, at a ball at Moscow's famous dancing master Iogelya was presented the first poet of Russia.

Tall for those times increase (about 177 cm), very thin waist, a magnificent bust ... Net velvety skin, silky hair ... White ball gown, a golden gang warfare on the head, languid eyes ... so was struck once and the spot, the first time he was abashed before the woman. A friend of Pushkin, Tolstoy, Fyodor-American, a famous traveler and excellent artist, a mediocre poet and virtuoso gambler, an inveterate and indefatigable duelist heartthrob volunteered to enter the poet's family and Natalie to be a mediator in love affairs. Since Pushkin appeared in the living room Goncharov and Tolstoy became matchmaker.

Two-year history of matchmaking Natalya Pushkin, the poet's desperate attempts to be before marriage finally rich, stingy Natalya, not wanting to give his daughter a dowry - a special subject and quite interesting. But here we do not get distracted because now reach the heart.

Second life

February 18, 1831 in the Moscow Cathedral of the Assumption, which Nikitsky Gate, Pushkin Goncharova and exchanged rings. This day is a poet at the end of his life regarded as one of its most non-private days, besides the wedding when he got several bad omens. Rolled over the altar of a ring that had fallen from the lectern cross and the Gospel, extinct candle - for a superstitious person, what was undoubtedly Pushkin, it was scary characters. Some have questioned Pushkinists horrible stories about the wedding of the poet, but one thing is clear: be that as it may, the long-awaited family happiness poet marriage has not brought and could not bring.

Count Vladimir Sologub in the memories of when a married couple in St. Petersburg, Pushkin wrote that while there was in the capital, young men, not to dream about Natalia that he was in love with her to unconsciousness. That Sollogub one of the first uniquely written that the title gentleman of the bedchamber was given to Pushkin king precisely in order that he could visit with his beautiful wife at the court.

Stormy whirlwind of life in the capital immediately grabbed Natalya in his strong arms, and Pushkin plunged into the depths of jealousy and made the agonizing search for more and more money on clothes and entertainment for its flighty wife.Her boundless desire to have fun and shine in society could not stop anything.

Even the fact that more than three years of six held in a marriage with Pushkin, she was pregnant: the poet's wife gave four children and still lost another - throwing it after the endless dancing at a noisy balls in Anichkov Palace. Oh, how difficult it is to abandon the sweet life - even more so when you look coveted already looks the king himself!

The poet could not enjoy this life Diagon Madonna (sometimes referred to as Pushkin's wife, for Goncharova was suffering from a minor nature strabismus), but he could not help it: cost Natalia miss at least one of the royal ball, as her husband immediately followed the most stringent the highest row.

The worst thing was different: in this maelstrom of social events, music and dances, innumerable cavaliers, empty conversations, komerazhey and irrepressible coquetry Natalya almost no time trying to be a good wife, mother and hostess at least in those brief hours, when she was resting on the regular entertainment.

Well, the role of the husband recognized the first beauty - a very heavy cross. However, be the first wife of genius - the cross is not less serious. And this burden was too onerous for both. From the first months of marriage became coveted for Pushkin's endless attempts to save his own honor and no matter what his beloved wife, humiliating searches for money and fight for their right to be head of the family. From this labyrinth of violent passion for the poet found, alas, only a single output.

Considering the life of Pushkin Goncharova, here and now would not like to cite numerous unflattering opinions about Natalia's closest and most of the good friends of the poet, as well as our main Pushkinists.

Do not want to talk too much and love Natalia to Dantes and to the king, because too many facts indicate that a frivolous poet's wife was not faithful to her main marital duty. Did Natalie during her first marriage physical adultery with two fatal to four of Pushkin people - we should not be interested. In this case, adultery should be considered only as a category of spiritual - and, unfortunately, this is more than enough to make a second life Natalya most severe sentence.

Life is the third

When Second Life Goncharova ended with the death of her husband, the widow mourned for long. After his forced departure of the two-year mourning in the linen factory and the ensuing numerous novels (even with foreigners, for one of them she almost married) Natalie chose a decent pair - a friend of Dantes, a fellow "cotillions Prince" by Peter Lansky Cavalry Regiment.

Lanskoy was then in the rank of lieutenant colonel. Of such talk: "spravno campaigner." His diligence and zeal in the service knew and admired the king. On their wedding Nicholas volunteered to give away the bride, but something is ruined. Then he wanted to become a godfather to one child of three children together, and Natalia Lansky (it was their firstborn - the daughter of Alexander and later she herself has repeatedly hinted in interviews and memoirs to his own royal descent), which already has suggested a secular society of St. Petersburg on certain thoughts .

Many contemporaries who knew Lansky, considered him a decent man, but many at the same time thought he was a few bleary-eyed. And yet, after his marriage to Natalia affairs office had dramatically gone up: he was promoted to Adjutant General, then became Governor General of St. Petersburg. Shortly before his marriage he was expecting a destination somewhere in the province, but after the engagement the king abruptly changed his mind: leave it in the capital and raised in the service, gave the young sumptuous state apartments.They were not all the king's mercy: Nicholas also ordered by the Treasury quietly clean entail Goncharov of huge debts.

There is also a strong argument for supporters of the veracity of the version of the intimate connection of Pushkin and Tsar: when the emperor died, his valet found in his pocket watch to the second cover portrait ... Natalia. (Unfortunately, the son of his valet, who brought the clock Nicholas in Moscow Historical Museum up for sale the next day he changed his mind to part with a family heirloom).

As for the memory of Pushkin, the Natalia in his last earthly life had betrayed her frankly: very eagerly followed in order to Lansky in the house, there was nothing that would be like the father of her four children: Sasha, Masha, Grishko and Natasha. " Contrary to the will of a dying Pushkin wanted to stay in the capital by filing a second (!) The day after his death, a petition to Nicholas. The king was no fool, so fresh widow has refused to request such an indecent and advised as soon as possible to leave from St. Petersburg.

Pushkin's father after the death of her husband's Natalia became openly avoided. She often told friends that his late wife did not forgive his many women (dying Pushkin was much more generous man, in fact, he's forgiven his wife's death). Nevertheless, being married to Natalya Pushkin, did not fall in love in any of the women, all of his extramarital affairs were fleeting. But the fact that Natalia was exactly in love with Dantes - an indisputable fact. And exactly what Goncharova was in his second life bad wife in many ways (including the intimate, as the poet himself even told us in his poems).

The third and last of earthly lives ended by Natalia Goncharova dank autumn morning 26 November 1863. This life has been taken away from her chronic lung disease that happened to many colds and smoking. If you want to visit the final resting place only the wife of our chief of genius - do not look for the name of "Pushkin" on tombstones Lazarev cemetery of the Alexander Nevsky Lavra, St. Petersburg. Do not you find it. On the monument, which is a sarcophagus of black marble on a pink granite pedestal, engraved simply and correctly: "Natalia Lanskaya.


If we talk about the literary critic, whose view of the wife of Pushkin is the closest to me, here above all, to nominate one of the brightest representatives of Silver, Century Russian Poetry of Vladislav Khodasevich (in the same row - Pushkinists Shchegolev Veresaev, Akhmatova, Tsvetaeva, etc.). Be sure to read his excellent article, "Pushkin's Wife" and "Countess Nesselrode and Pushkin" (found in the author's collection "Books and People").

Briefly tell what Khodasevich about Natalia wrote this: "My wife was a poet morally and spiritually nearsighted, was no match for her husband, both physically and spiritually, and therefore their marriage was doomed to a tragic ending. Pushkin died for their honor and his wife, but even this great sacrifice could not have it in sufficiently understood and appreciated.

If Natalie had even a small fraction of what the mind and the warmth that she tried and are trying to ascribe some of the patrons, it surely would have chosen in his inner circle even though someone of those worthy women who have been so many close to her husband.

But her best friend was Idalia Poletika - a complete slag, intrigante, and gossip, along with the Countess Nesselrode played a crucial role in the persecution of the poet. Is this fact is not exemplary of eloquence? Do not eloquent, and the fact that Natalie, at its warehouse were generally closer to the people who hated Pushkin and Sergei Sobolevsky, very close and devoted friend of her husband, she could not stand up to the spirit of the rest of his life?

Tmenov successful second marriage Goncharova fully confirms the conclusions Khodasevich. Natalia in her life with a mediocre careerist Lansky, a man of limited mental ability, unscrupulous in matters of conjugal honor, has found true happiness, and not found in the life of our greatest genius. And it is quite natural, since Lanskoy was not Pushkin.

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