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"Suitcase" Timothy Parschikova: high explosives tests

October 27 2006

State Museum of Architecture. AV Shchusev presented an exhibition of photos and poems "Suitcase Timothy Parschikova", while noting the publication of the book by the same author.

Timothy Parschikov, poet and photographer, a young Muscovite, a new generation of twenties, for whom the world has indeed become very small - but in a geographical sense, sometimes too visible and accessible. Fortunately, the artist experiences life as a true poet, and plays for the viewer and the reader's own model of the world, such a charged energy and young feeling that the predictability and visibility can be forgotten, from his work blows ozone.

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Case Timothy Parschikova (photo)

Junior world sorrow, a serious knowledge of Russian and foreign photography and great familiarity with the tradition of Russian poetry, the metaphorical OBERITov - Harms, Vvedensky and Zabolockij - does not detract from that electrifying feeling of freshness, which you test, throwing a personal suitcase Timothy - of course with the permission of the author.

The exhibition takes its name is not accidental, since it was hidden in a suitcase is really personal belongings of its owner. And in this case were such pictures and poems that convey the internal state of the artist and his perception of the world.

Therefore, visual images Parschikova formed into one big picture, where the reflected city life with all its "prose", supplemented by verses in the same spirit. However, the show was interesting not only for this. Non-standard approach to design, pleasantly surprised everyone. Kretivnost artist was that the photos were not presented in the conventional framework, and in the cardboard.

"My work has been exhibited in the cardboard, because this new perception of pictures, which is not limited. So in a sense, it is also a carton box, which helps to understand that the picture continues outside. After all, the border narrow our field of vision, which I allowed to see - proudly remarked in an exclusive interview Timothy Paprschikov.

The idea belonged to David Sarkisian, curator of the exhibition and director of the museum architecture. Nevertheless, the artist initially was not sure of success. "I did not expect it to be, so David Sarkisian persuaded me to sample. And when we found a suitable box and glued in her photograph, I was convinced that he really was right ", - said Timothy.

"Suitcase" Timothy Parschikova booby-trapped high grade. Connection of poems and photographs in fire due to a deadly coolness of the author. The world turned inside out by the will of his passionate poetic sobriety. "I wanted to be sober among the drunken" - so described his creative young artist in her debut book of poems.

"The main themes of my poems, probably, some sort of nonsense is happening all around. In general, some common themes and not because they are all quite different. If we talk about what they have in common, it is likely all of them reflect my perception of life. The original idea was to write a book, and then had the thought crossing photographs and texts. We can therefore say that the original idea came from the book. And in the course of its preparation, we had an idea of the exhibition with such a principle "- confessed artist.

Parschikov long to learn first-kinoprofessiyam the Film Institute, and now at the top directing courses, but it would be quite wrong to count his work on the cinema of the diocese.Individuality is a young artist and the scale of his personality clearly points to a genuine, mature and independent talent at several of the classical arts. His outstanding sense of color, an enviable sense of the golden section and bold metaphorical thinking allow Timothy Parschikovu speak boldly and trivial. This is a new voice that's worth listening to.

Anastasia Kudinov


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