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Landmark drug discovered by accident - and noted the "Nobel"

March 27 2009

March 27, 1860 New Yorker, Mr. ML Byrn patented corkscrew familiar to us. The documents unit was designated as a "gimlet with a wooden handle T-shaped" - for pulling out of wine corks.

Generally, it is believed that the first corkscrew appeared in England - a patent on it was issued in 1795, the Briton Samuel Henshellu. In a document described as a corkscrew "steel screw that is used for pulling corks out of bottles." Since then, worldwide were granted hundreds of patents on other models of spin, many of which are not produced commercially.

March 27, 1966 in London there was the famous wonderful find: dog named Piklz and his owner David Corbett found in a park kidnapped a week ago, the famous "Golden Goddess" - a statue, rewarding the best football team in the world. Trophy was on display at an exhibition in Westminster Hall, and was kidnapped. Organizers of the World Cup in England, got a call to pay the ransom.

As a result, despite the miraculous comeback, the fate of Nikki still was abysmal: it is again kidnapped, but in Brazil, when a team of this country ever won a prize. Apparently, she still was melted into bullion.

March 27, 1998 "Management of Food and Drugs of the Ministry of Health has approved the well-known" Viagra "- a cure for impotence. The drug, whose real name is sildenafil, entered the pharmacy and saved the honor of a large number of men.

The history of "Viagra" has started in 1992 in the UK, in a place Pfayzers Sandwich, in the course of pharmaceutical research firm, Pfizer. The researchers carried out clinical trials of a new drug - sildenafil citrate, which was developed as a means to treat certain heart ailments. Scientists have calculated that the substance will help to increase blood flow to the heart muscle and lower blood pressure.

However, it was observed that sildenafil citrate does not significantly influence neither on blood circulation in the heart muscle (myocardium) or on blood pressure and simultaneously discovered that many male patients who participated in the investigation, refusing to return the tablets of sildenafil, despite the end of testing . The reason for failure in all these patients, there was one - they all noted the dramatic improvement in their quality of erections. Researchers at pharmaceutical company Pfizer reacted to this unexpected property of sildenafil citrate with due diligence and failed to recognize in it a powerful tool to combat erectile dysfunction. The new drug called "Viagra" - the name was born as a result of the merger would words "Vigor" (power, energy, force) and the Niagara - the most powerful waterfall in North America.

The discovery of the first drug sildenafil, released under the patented name "Viagra" was, apparently, the third great "accidental" discovery in medicine - after the discovery of X-rays and penicillin, and all the authors were awarded the Nobel Prize.

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