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Amazing Facts - November 25

November 25 2008

November 25, 2348 BC, according to the calculations of some biblical scholars, began the Deluge. Survived only righteous Noah and his family and animals, which he picked up a pair on my ark of salvation.

November 25, 1339 there was a bookmark oak walls of the Kremlin. It was the first name of the Grand Kremlin court in Moscow. Under Ivan Kalita Moscow fortress is close to the prince of the court and the court of Metropolitan Peter, who in 1328 moved his residence from Vladimir to Moscow. Therefore it was decided to demolish the old walls, built of combustible resinous pine, and in 1339 was founded "the city of Moscow oaks.

Kremlin walls were measuring about one and three quarter mile, and they were built in less than six months. From Arshins oak beams have erected a new strelnitsa and walls, the Kremlin came to the width (in the direction of the current Red Square), and now sat in the castle is no longer near-princely retinue, and a large garrison: archers, gunners throwing machines, gunsmiths to repair the "inverse of the vessel and other military people.

However, oak Kremlin Kalita did not last long. In the reign of Dmitry Donskoy, the summer of 1365, the Church of All Saints at Chertori (Kropotkin gate) started a fire unseen force. The fire struck the crowded structure of the Kremlin, and two hours destroyed all to the ground, leaving only charred sadly sticking Kremlin walls with faded machicoulis. After the disaster the young prince called boyars and princes to the council on the new fortifications of the city because it was unbecoming Moscow continue to treat wooden walls. All summer and winter, procure a white stone in the village Myachkovo in the spring of 1367 gathered from all Russian lands masters of stone works, which began to spread and new - is the white stone - walls of the Kremlin.

November 25, 1867 Swedish inventor Alfred Nobel patented a new material called "Dynamite" (U.S. patent № 78,317). Since 1859, Alfred Nobel, his father and younger brother to make experiments on explosive liquid nitroglycerin. For its production had been built several plants in Europe and America. Alfred clearly saw the benefits of nitroglycerin on the powder, which later would make more use of it in technology. The work was very dangerous. Once there was a fire at German plant, there have been several bombings in New York and Australia. During the explosion in his laboratory in September 1864 killed five assistants and a younger brother Alfred - Emil. Father's grief broke the strike. Tragedy led to the emergence of a law prohibiting conduct experiments with explosives within the boundaries of Stockholm, and the lab has moved onto the barge, which was located on the lake malaria. The inventor realized that the problem must be solved to reduce the explosion of nitroglycerine. In 1866 he successfully mixed nitroglycerin with kremnozemom receiving paste-like substance. It became possible to make explosives necessary form, moreover, has become safer transportation.

Dynamite has greatly changed the methods used in mining and other industries, he began to be used in hostilities. To undermine the charge was necessary to use detonators, who also invented and patented a Nobel.

November 25, 1978 has interrupted the longest in the history of medicine coma. American Elaine Esposito of Florida, USA, fell into a coma as a 6-year old girl on Aug. 6, 1941 - when she did an operation of appendicitis. After remaining unconscious in 37 years 111 days, she died at the age of 43 years and 357 days.

Release prepared by Max K * - based on encyclopedias and other public sources.


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