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As "Alexander Column" arrived in St. Petersburg

July 25 2009

July 25, 1832 in St. Petersburg was taken to the famous Alexander Column. Erected the monument in the Empire style was in 1834 - at the center of Palace Square, the architect Auguste de Montferrand in the order of Emperor Nicholas I to commemorate the victory of his elder brother Alexander I of Napoleon.

For the main part of the column - a granite monolith - was used by rock, which outlined a sculptor in his previous trip to Finland. Extraction and pre-treatment were carried out in 1830-1832 years in Pyuterlakskoy quarry, which lies between Vyborg and Fredrikshamn. After the masons, surveying the rock, confirmed the suitability of the material from it was cut off prism far exceeds its size a future column. We used the giant device: the enormous leverage and gates in order to move the boulder up and overthrow it soft and supple bed of spruce lapnikom.

After separating the workpiece from the same rocks have been cut down huge stones for the foundation of the monument, the largest of which weighed about 25,000 pounds (over 400 tons). Their delivery in St. Petersburg was by water, for it has been involved special construction barge. Monolith was fooled on the spot and prepared for shipment. Overcome all difficulties, a column loaded aboard, and the monolith went to Kronstadt on a barge, towed by two steamers, to go out to the Palace Embankment in St. Petersburg.

Now this column, which is often referred to as "the pillar of Alexandria" (in Pushkin's poem "Monument") - is one of the most famous monuments of St. Petersburg.

July 25, 1814 English inventor George Stephenson spent the first test of a locomotive. Here, truly, the first steam locomotive, moving on rails, was created in 1804 by Richard Trevithick, but this is the first railway, opened in 1825 between Stockton and Darlington, it is serviced Stephenson's steam locomotives and it was his engine became the prototype for all further development of steam locomotives. In Russia the first steam locomotive was designed by father and son Cherepanov in 1834.

The invention of the word "locomotive" is attributed to NI Grech, who in the middle of the XIX century, published the newspaper "The Northern Bee". Prior to that, the engine was called "Samokatnaya steam engine", "steam wagon", "steam wagon", "parohodka" - in Cherepanovs and VA Zhukovsky, and even a "steamer".

Steam locomotives were the first and long the dominant type of locomotive, playing thus an important role in the establishment of railway communication. Only since the mid XX century, they replaced the diesel and electric locomotives. However, it locomotives are still actively used in some countries such as China, Cuba and Thailand.

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