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For 200 years the guillotine weight "overgrown" speculation

April 25 2009

April 25, 1954 the world was first introduced solar panels. On their creation of American scientists announced the research center of "Bell Telephone". These environmentally friendly sources of energy make solar electromagnetic radiation into electricity.

Now solar panels - is not unusual. They are found in calculators, watches, and in tropical and subtropical regions with high number of sunny days on the basis of their produce even experimental plants. They are particularly popular in Mediterranean countries, where solar panels placed on roofs of residential buildings, and obtain the energy used to heat water and generate electricity. In the future they are likely to be used for recharging electric cars - prototypes of such vehicles have been established for over 15 years ago.

Now with the most common solar cells can convert solar energy into electricity with an efficiency of 9-24% and very low cost. It is known that recently some laboratories have been obtained solar cells with an efficiency of 44%, and the most recent data, in Dubna created solar cells with an efficiency of 54%. Many scientists believe that it is for such environmentally friendly solar energy - the future.

April 25, 1792 was held on the first use of the famous French gun executions - the guillotine. Decapitation with this machine was a common form of mechanical execution, invented shortly before the French Revolution.

Proposed to use the guillotine in 1792, a physician and member of the National Assembly, Jacques Guillotin. It is noteworthy that this machine was not the invention of Dr. Guillotin neither nor his teacher, Dr. Louis; known that such a weapon was used before in Scotland and Ireland, which was called the Scottish maid. The guillotine in France also called a virgin and even the Forest of Justice. The aim of the present invention was to create a painless and quick method of execution. After the head was cut off, the executioner lifted it and showed the crowd.

View was that a severed head could see for about ten seconds. Thus, the man raised his head so he could see before I die laughing at him the crowd. April 25, 1792 at Grevskoy area guillotine was first used as an instrument of punishment: he was executed by an ordinary thief Nicolas Pelletier.

At the time, used brutal methods penalty: burning at the stake, hanging, quartering. Only aristocrats and rich people were executed more "humane" way - cutting off his head with a sword or an ax. It was believed that the guillotine is more humane method of execution than the common at the time ways. In addition, the guillotine was applied to any and all segments of the population, which emphasized the equality of citizens before the law.

Bytuyuschaya is still a legend though Guillotin himself was executed he invented a machine devoid of foundation: the inventor of a new method of execution, survived the revolution and died of natural causes in 1814. The guillotine was also the main way the death penalty in France - until the abolition of the death penalty there in 1981.

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