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The confrontation of two legendary university only once been on an equal footing

March 24 2009

March 24, 1882 German bacteriologist Robert Koch announced his discovery of Mycobacterium tuberculosis, which was subsequently named after him tubercle bacillus. Subsequently, the date became known as the World Day to combat tuberculosis.

This disease, appearing at the dawn of humanity, is becoming increasingly popular in the late XIX - early XX century it became the "white plague". Not by chance "consumption" was reflected in the works of FM Dostoevsky and AP Chekhov, Charles Dickens and Alexander Dumas, in the paintings of artists, NP Klodt, VM Maksimov, VD Polenov, in the operas of Verdi, G. Puccini. Died of tuberculosis, VG Belinsky, NA Dobroliubov, AP Chekhov, Chopin and many other famous people. The diagnosis of tuberculosis was considered almost a death sentence, life expectancy of patients did not exceed 3-5 years.

In the late nineteenth century in Europe and America, TB kills one in seven people - and only thanks to the discovery of Koch in the mid XX century worldwide epidemiological indicators of tuberculosis has significantly improved. Once in 1942 was produced the first anti-TB drug streptomycin, and then a number of other effective drugs in developed countries, tuberculosis was under control, and even there was the view that TB can be defeated, just as smallpox. In 1993, the World Health Organization declared tuberculosis a global problem of danger. In 1997, the WHO, to draw public attention to this dreadful disease, has proposed to consider March 24 as World Day to combat tuberculosis.

Currently, the world's tuberculosis mortality among infectious diseases is second only to malaria. Sick with tuberculosis each year about 9 million people of whom about 3 million die. In Russia from it kills more than from all infectious diseases combined. Doctors warn that today, when the body's defenses are weakened considerably, and the agent has acquired a high resistance to the drugs, neglecting to prevention tuberculosis can affect all segments of the population.

March 24, 1877 took place only a draw in the history of the legendary rowing race between the teams of Oxford and Cambridge. For the first time this famous regatta was held in 1829 - because of a dispute the two students. Rowing is now - the same part and parcel of the history of universities and of a tradition, like their famous e audience and libraries, mastitis faculty and world-famous alumni. Competitions each year are of great interest not only among themselves in England, but throughout the world - just for this regatta watch about 400 million people.

According to sports statistics, of the 142 races held in the history of these competitions until 1997, 74 times the winning team getting any of Cambridge and the 68 oarsmen from Oxford.

March 24, 2001, entered into force on the Constitutional Law on the National Anthem of Russia. After the collapse of the Soviet Union for ten years, national anthem was "Patriotic Song" by Glinka, without words. Attempts to create the text were made repeatedly, but finding common to different political sectors of society could not. In December 2000, Putin suggested that he was inclined to accept the "old" Soviet anthem to the music of Alexandrov. December 27, 2000 federal constitutional law was approved by the music of A. Alexandrov. December 30, 2000 by Presidential Decree was approved by a text written by Sergei Mikhalkov, and March 24, 2001 a new text of the Russian anthem was approved by the Federal Constitutional Law. After the break, music, AVnbsp; Alexandrova again beginning to sound like a national anthem - Anthem of the Russian Federation.

The fate of the author's text, hello poet, author of "Uncle Stepa, told a lot. The author of music anthem is also fairly well known and was once awarded the dignity: the composer and conductor, professor at the Moscow Conservatory, Ph.D, founder and artistic director of the Red Song and Dance Ensemble of the Soviet Army, People's Artist of USSR, the Stalin Prize winner. In 1943, He was promoted to major general, and then another Stalin Prize. But few people know that Alexander Alexandrov (1883-1946) came from a family of church ministers with Ryazanschiny, has joined a church music since childhood, entered the St. Petersburg Conservatory, he studied under Glazunov, Liadov and Italian singer Mazetti. Exams he took himself Rimsky-Korsakov.

Now, according to surveys, more than 77% of citizens support the return of the old anthem with new words, SV Mikhalkov, who has created three versions of the text of the hymn: 1944, 1977 and 2000.

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