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8-hour one person manually collected 7 tons of apples

September 23 2009

September 23, 1910 was made the first flight over the Alps. I made it a Peruvian aviator Jorge "Geo" Chavez. Passing the pass, the mountain peaks shrouded in clouds, the ultimate goal of the pilot was already close. Suddenly, at an altitude of 30 meters of his aircraft suddenly crashed down. Pilot pulled from the wreckage, but he never regained consciousness and died four days later.

September 23, 1946 there was an unusual boxing bout - with the fastest knockout. VBookie through 10.5 with (including a 10-second count) after the start of the meeting was recorded in a fight between the Americans by Al Couture and Ralph Walton. E knockout of Ralph when he was still in his corner during the fight in Lewiston, Maine, USA. If time were recorded exactly, Couture would already be in the middle of the ring, when the gong sounded.

September 23, 1980 was recorded the highest rate of hand-picking apples. Adrian George from Indianapolis, Indiana, USA 8 hours collected 7 tonnes of 180.3 kilograms of apples.

September 23, 1980 in Severodvinsk was launched on the world's largest submarine - domestic Akula (Typhoon). The first boat of this type - TC-208 (which means "heavy cruiser") was incorporated in the company Sevmash in June 1976.

Before the descent, the bow below the waterline on board the submarine suffered a picture shark later stripe with a shark appeared to form the crew. Despite the later start of the project, head cruiser went out on sea trials for a month before the American "Ohio" (4 July 1981). Total from 1981 to 1989 was launched and commissioned 6 boats of the "Shark."

Design feature is the presence of boats within easy corps of five solid buildings. Two of them are basic, have a diameter of 8,5 m and are arranged parallel to each other, on the principle of the catamaran. In front of the ship, between the main rugged, located missile compartment with missile complex D-19. In addition, there are two separate sealed compartments: the torpedo compartment and the compartment management module from a central location, combined with a compartment for radio-arms. Relocation and placement of the three compartments in the space between the main body allowed to raise fire safety and survivability of the boat. Robust housing submarines made of titanium alloy, light - steel coated with non-resonant protivolokatsionnym and soundproof rubber coating weighing 800 tons.

To ensure that these boats were able to carry on duty at high latitudes, fencing, felling done very durable, able to breach the ice thickness 2-2,5 m (in winter ice thickness in the Arctic Ocean varies from 1.2 to 2 m, and in some places reaches 2,5 m). From below the ice surface is covered with growths in the form of icicles or stalagmites of considerable size. When surfacing submarine, removing the bow rudders, slowly pressed to the ice canopy specially designed for this bow and wheelhouse, and then abruptly blown main ballast tanks.

The main armament "Shark" - 20 three-stage solid propellant ballistic missile R-39 "Option". The combat range of these missiles - 8300 km, warhead - Shared: 10 independently targetable warheads to 100 kilotons of TNT each. Displacement of the boat project "Shark" is greater than the displacement of heavy aircraft carrier Admiral Gorshkov and the crew of the submarine is only 160 people - including 52 officers.

1982 Chief of the Operations Department of the Northern Fleet V. Lebedko described the "Shark": "If this boat exhibit in Moscow, somewhere near the Tsar Cannon, then looking at her, mankind knowingly and voluntarily give up forever to any war .

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