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More concerts - good and different!

September 23 2006

On the opening day performances by the club's French-American team Berg Sans Nipple and domestic groups Unlockedoor and "I left the top.

Berg Sans Nipple - duo with influences of jazz, post rock, minimalism and electronic music. The group was founded by Shane Aspergenom. Arriving in Paris, the drummer began to look for musicians to create a joint project and went to a colleague - and drummer Lori Schoen Berg from the group Purr. Yielding to a stranger place drums, Lori moved to the keyboard. This line-up they began to concert.

At the beginning of the duo's musical career has given several concerts with the Canadians Do Make Say Think, as well as Françoise Bret and other French indie musicians. In 2003 released their debut album «Form of.», Which critics call one of the best albums of the year in France. Incidentally, the disc recording participated vocalist Maria Taylor, known as the voice of Moby album "18".

The band's music is built on simple riffs and meditative sound of overlapping melodies. This combination of voices and sounds of vintage analog keyboards, percussion, samples and acoustic, often quite rare instruments.

Over the past two years, Berg Sans Nipple released two mini-album and just finished recording a new disc, which will hear things from the Moscow concert.

Unlockedoor - Moscow trio experimenting with a combination of live and electronic sounds. Style, which is a group called indie-tronics, which implies a mixture of indie rock and electronics. The group was founded in 1999, it is interesting that in the Unlockedoor includes DJs. with experience in different clubs. The team compared with the Album Leaf, Berg Sans Nipple and Isan.

"I left the top" - and a team of Moscow, a fusion of different directions: the post-hard rock, art, hard rock, etc. To describe the atmosphere of the music group offers poetic to the analogy - a quote from the story "Morphine" M. Bulgakov: "Spring thunders black birds fly with bare branches at the branch, and the forest in the distance bristles, broken and black, reaching for the sky, and behind the fire, covering a quarter of the sky, the first spring sunset." Executable songs - this is instrumental, full of ragged raging guitars and a powerful rhythm section. Panic rising abruptly gives way to crashing into them transparent melody.

But on Oct. 8 at the club will be another interesting event: a concert dedicated to 10-year anniversary of Crocodile TX.

This Moscow team played a tough alternative music and familiar to those who have been to festivals "Learn to Swim". Despite the fact that the group for a long time did not release albums, she has many fans. And it is no coincidence: back in the mid 90's team attracted the attention of the original sound and has its own style. Some even claim that the Crocodile TX - perhaps the main metropolitan alternative group. Is it - you can check yourself - come to the concert anniversary!

Natalia Filippovich


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