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Electronic espionage is catching on

April 21 2009

0/6/7/12067.jpeg Want to find out what your missus when you are away? Or talking about what the neighbors behind the wall? Thanks to technological advances, it is no longer a problem. Equipment to spy on freely available, for example, through online retailers. If you are not too strong in technology, you can invite experts who will install in the right place a hidden camera or radio microphone ...

In Russia, this fashion came from the West. Watching the movie where the characters follow each other with the latest technological advances, the Russians are thinking: "Why should not I try the same thing?" Both men and women arrange testing to their partners or spouses with the help of electronic "bugs" and "bugs". From the standpoint of morality it would seem justifiable. "Trust, but verify!" - The saying goes: you never know in this world of traitors or marriage scams?

Almost always use electronic surveillance equipment business owners who are forced to control his subordinates, so as not to incur a loss on what someone from the staff was dishonest or works in the competition. Sometimes you do not even hide from employees, hanging around a reminder of what they filmed.

In order to spy can use conventional electronic turnstiles. Thus, in one of Moscow's firm employee made the remark, since leaving office, she has broken your e-ticket to 18.01. "How? - Exclaimed the chief. - Labor Day with us until 18.00, but you still have time to pack my things and go down! So, you went to work earlier than necessary! "

Recently, the wealthy has become fashionable to hold the electronic surveillance of domestic staff - such as housekeepers and nannies. After all, there are cases when, left alone in the house, the maid touches things without asking the owners, try on clothes from their wardrobe, or even steal money or property, and nurses and hired tutors ill-treating children - they beat them severely punished, without leave for a long time supervision, using the fact that a small child is unable to complain to their parents, or intimidating the child.

A real godsend for parents - so-called "baby monitors. This wireless microphones designed for monitoring their children. They are usually installed in the nursery. "Listen" baby you can, not only in another room, but out of the car or office. Thanks to the "baby monitor" you can see baby sleeping or awake, playing, talking on the phone or doing homework.

Another option - "radiomayachok" which attach to clothing or other things. It helps to keep track of all your child's movement. Especially suited to parents of children who are already enrolled in school.

Of course, and baby monitors, "and" beacons "may be applied not only to spy on the younger generation, but also for adults, information about which you need for whatever reason.

Similarly engaged in espionage is not just the ones who worry for their personal and family life or safety of property. Among fans of electronic surveillance are many paranoids who think that others conspire against them, a sort of conspiracy, as well as just bored individuals, for whom surveillance - the kind hobby. They may be interested in a life completely innocent people such as neighbors.

ak, there are devices called "electronic stethoscope, you can listen to those who are behind the wall. It is said that one Russian retired a long time to save money with more than modest pension - think, for what? To acquire such a technological wonder! Pick up "an electronic stethoscope, she took the most rigorous way to" monitor "the life of a young couple behind the wall, and then with great pleasure shared information received with other old ladies, neighbors.

Psychologists say that the curiosity inherent in our genes. Most people are very interested in someone else's life, even if the person to whom she has absolutely no relation. And if they could secretly find out about it, it certainly would have done it. So that the electronic "spies" satisfy the eternal human need for information.

Константин Гастев

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