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Incorrupt body baffled experts

March 21 2009

March 21, 1943 in Paris, was exhumed corpse of some of Katharina Labur, who died 67 years earlier.'s Corpse has not undergone expansion - and this body is yet another in a long list of imperishable relics. Evidence about the bodies that are able to "confront the horrors of the grave," is in almost every religion.

The first story about this phenomenon was found in Chinese chronicles the Life of Buddhist saints, "which says one of the most famous dynasty of the Patriarchs, Sun Gui Nene. He died in 712 and was buried in the monastery Kuo-en. In the era of the fall of the dynasty by Sun, in 1276, the Mongol soldiers dug up the body, to see the truth of the rumors about his miraculous preservation. After 564 years after the death of the skin remains supple and master shiny, without any signs of desiccation or decomposition. Then the Mongols ripped body and saw that the heart and liver in good condition. Absolutely stunned, they felt it best to immediately do away with sacrilege and run away. Another case dates back to 1977 year. In Spanish Espartinase was opened the family vault. Gravedigger and his aides were stunned to discover a body of 11-year old child who was not touched by the expansion, although lay there for forty years. Boy, Jose Garcia Moreno died of meningitis in 1937, and the family decided not to embalm him. Soon the whole village came running to see the "live" body of a rotting shroud. Having decided that Jose was "elected" and therefore sacred, they appealed to Rome to ask for his canonization. But the response was negative - out of the discharge phenomena of stigmata, clairvoyance, levitation and immortality are not considered important in the Vatican.

Described cases in Russia, for example, imperishable body of the former head of Buddhists Hambo Lama Itigelov, who died 80 years ago. Medical examiner was shocked: the Itigelov were all signs of a living body: soft skin with no signs of decay, survived the nose, ears, eyes, fingers and elbow joints are mobile - all this is confirmed by examination of experts. Surprisingly, once in six months he is alive, adds and loses weight at a pound. Lama now sits in a glass case in Ivolginsk datsan (monastery). And to him on certain days of long queues wanting to touch the relic. What is said about these phenomena of science?

Author of "Imperishable" Joanne Cruz, identifies three categories of preserved bodies: saved intentionally, preserved by chance due to the impact of natural conditions; truly incorruptible. Cases of the second type are amazing, although there are quite a materialistic explanation. Researchers give a considerable list of places known to the preservation of human remains. So, Cruz mentions the well-preserved mummy of a child eight years old, found in a mountain cave in Chile. Apparently, the boy was dragged up and left in the cold as a victim of 500 years ago. Were also found quite a body of people neisportivshiesya Iron Age in the peat bogs. They were only discolored due to natural chemical processes. There are also methods of conservation bodies with alcohol, formaldehyde, honey, sand, salt and numerous unusual blends. However, a number of phenomena, science still can not explain ...

March 21, 1962 was held on the first test, the bailout at supersonic speeds. According to the Americans, the first living being who has committed such a bailout, was the brown bear. Bear thrown at an altitude of more than 10 kilometers and speeds of almost 1400 kilometers per hour, and after 7 minutes and 49 seconds later he landed safely.

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