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Amazing Facts - February 20

February 20 2009

February 20, 1725 in America (the colony of New Hampshire) were removed first scalps - with ten Indians. European colonists were well rewarded - the authorities have paid a rate of 100 pounds for the scalp of the enemy. Given that many of the settlers fled from the jail or prison, the spread of this custom is not surprising. Subsequently, the authors attributed to the removal and trafficking of scalps by the Indians.

During the French and Indian War, the British promised £ 200 to someone who will produce the scalp of the supreme leader of the Delaware tribe. This amount is 25 times higher than that which was promised to the Indians, allies of the scalp of a French soldier! Practice rewards for scalps continued until the XIX century until the indignation of the people are not forcing the government to stop such barbaric.

February 20, 1937 was created the world's first flying car. Such a machine invented by an American aviainzhener Waldo Waterman. The next day he aeromobile was the first successful test. In the air, he developed a speed of 120 miles per hour, while on the road - 70. Design of the machine and immediately looked like a car and a plane - but the series is not gone.

February 20, 1940 on-screen debut famous friends and implacable enemies - Tom and Jerry. In the early 30-ies, a small studio animators were asked to come up with characters who could draw the audience at Disney. Multipliers of the proposed two mice, but those were like Mickey Mouse. After brainstorming and a shock dose of strong coffee mouse transformed into a cat and a dog. The public remained indifferent. Then the animators made the cat and dog in the little people - disheveled verzily Tom and Jerry tolstyachka good-natured. The first cartoon about the adventures of a couple came out in 1931. In this film, the fish jumped out of the sea in a black coat, and from eating cheese holes appear in the body-eaters ...

In 1933, the madman responsible for this nonsense, laid off, the studio soon ceased to exist, and one of the animators - frustrated accountant Dzhozef Barbera - went into the animation department of MGM. Supervisor Joe Barbera at MGM became frustrated engineer, William Hanna. Task to come up with a hit Hanna and Barbera put in 1939. That's when Barber and thought about Tom and Jerry. But in the studio MGM Men Tom and Jerry become disheveled verzily-natured cat and a fat mouse. Initially, the authors identified yet Jerry is credited as just a mouse, a cat is renamed to Jasper and was awarded the mistress, a black maid, nicknamed "Mother-Two-Sneakers. In this part of the characters made their debut in 1940 in the cartoon "Puss gets the boot" - and immediately received a nomination for an Oscar. Everything was fine, but, according to the authors, the name of Jasper the cat totally did not go. The second cartoon Hanna and Barbera have ceased to suffer pangs of conscience, and the cat was again Tom and mouse - Jerry.

The most intriguing character in the cartoon was the mom-Two-Sneakers. Its animators decided to show through the eyes of a cat - two feet in sneakers and head for it had been made. But in 1950 the studio received a letter spectators: "I get the feeling that the projectionist at his booth drink! .. While I did not die of curiosity, show at last it looks like! "Read the letter, the producer told pririsovat Mom's head. And 10 years after its debut in the cartoon "Cat on a Saturday night" audience could look into her eyes.Now, on account of "Tom and Jerry" seven "Oscars", the first of which was obtained in 1943 a cartoon "Yankee Doodle Mouse.

February 20, 1980 in the United States began the path to the Guinness world record for walking on stilts. On this day in Los Angeles, Joe Bowen got on special poles and walked to the east. Record was set more than five months later - July 26, 1980, when Joe came to Kentucky. Such an unusual way to overcome the record 4,804 kilometers.

Release prepared by Max K * - based on encyclopedias and other public sources.

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