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Legendary domestic car-clone still travels around the world

April 19 2009

April 19, 1933 U.S. money ceased to be provided with precious metal - in the U.S. was lifted the gold standard for the dollar. The calculations between the states, using gold backing of money, establish fixed exchange rates based on the ratio of these rates per unit mass of gold.

In general, the economy, built on the basis of the gold standard, ensures that each issued currency may upon request exchange for the appropriate amount of gold. Proponents of the gold standard indicate that its use makes the economy more stable, less prone to inflation, as under the gold standard the government can not print money at their discretion, not backed by gold.

But gradually, from the direct use of gold began to give up - because of the possibility of loss, theft, etc. - That would cause an increase in gold production. The appearance of paper money, partly solved the problem. Gold is stored in one place and are strictly guarded. Paper money is the same in essence certificate, which gives its owner the right to claim. People are paying each other with paper money, as though handing the title to a certain amount of gold without reference to the gold - it was so much easier and safer.

Currently, the gold standard is not used in any country and elsewhere replaced by systems based on a floating exchange rate, but about the instability of the dollar rate and the whole "fool" the American economy has written dozens of articles.

April 19, 1970 the assembly line of the Volga Automobile Plant "- the legendary" penny. "Machine was a real little masterpiece. Her very first copy off the assembly line brought the Italian chef-instructor Benito Guido Savoini as the prototype of "penny" was the Italian Fiat-124 ", which won in 1965 the title" Car of the Year. "

European car was modified and adapted so that it became truly popular in Russia car. Curb vehicle weight has increased from 855 to 945 kg, the design has become much stronger and more reliable. Driving performance cars were excellent; no accident factory statistics knows for "penny" achievement worthy of the legendary Guinness Book of Records.

Thus, according to test, overhaul it needed only after the "penny" was held a distance equal to 10 travel from Moscow to Vladivostok. There are cases when the VAZ-2101 did without major repairs and 20, and 25, and 30 years, with the speedometer of the car was from 300,000 kilometers. For the production of this model in May 1972 VAZ was awarded the International Prize "Golden Mercury" - a kind of "Oscar" of European trade. For all of the production - from 1970 to 1983 - Volzhsky gave life to 2,702,657 minicar "VAZ-2101".

In April 1971, VAZ-2101 first appeared on the world market. Over 57,000 vehicles were sent to Bulgaria, East Germany, Czechoslovakia, Hungary and Yugoslavia. Soon ZHiguli appeared on the roads of France, Austria, Germany, ytsarii, Nigeria, Egypt. After 19 years of operation, the first commodity car took pride of place at the Museum of the Volga car and the owner of "penny" with pleasure moved behind the wheel of "Nine", given to him by Vaz.

vtomobili VAZ-2101 have participated in the filming of movies in various stages of the country, these machines can be seen in the films "The Adventures of Italians in Russia", "Mimino" and many others. In 2002, under the slogan "cult car in a whirlwind of passion" in the film distribution film came out Ivan Dykhovichny Kopeyka in which starring the famous car. It took 26 years from the date of issue of the last VAZ-2101, but today "penny" Wheels on the roads, admiration for their reliability, durability and simplicity.

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