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"Ideal Palace" simple French postman

December 17 2008

In 1879, a simple (then) was a French postman, Ferdinand Cheval, at the age of 43 years laid the foundation for the Ideal Palace. Over 33 years old genius worked on creating his masterpiece completely alone - at night, he dragged the stones, and a day for a living all the same posting letters.

Charmes-sur-l'herbasse - it is this small town with intractable articulation called the world owes the birth of our hero. Born in 1836, Cheval, from early childhood was famous for a rare tenacity that in conjunction with the characteristics of a detached dreamer has created a truly outstanding person. Its way postman Ferdinand began in the village Hauterive, where he received the post of Agriculture pismonostsa in 1867.

Sowing the post and really could not have been receiving less stubborn man - every day Cheval took more than three dozen miles, carrying a letter. A young man who loves long walks, this fact is clearly not scared.

In his notes Cheval admitted that momentum to create a giant palace served as a strange stone, on which he tripped over one morning. Layered, flowing rock attracted the eye, forced to think about other possible forms. Being in the ancient sea bed, the local nature of the scattered picturesquely in places a lot of stones.

The very next day Cheval returned to the same place to pick up a few stones of unusual rocks. This moment became the reference point in the 27-year history of collecting Ferdinand stones. In his pockets, a shawl, a basket and, finally, on a makeshift wheelbarrow, stubborn bore stones piled in the backyard. It is not hard to guess that among its neighbors a "Sisyphus" quickly passed for a madman. However, the "madman" was not dangerous, and he quickly left alone.

Deciding that nature has endowed him with knowingly building material, the postman has decided that there should be another architect and a bricklayer. And with their main job and pulling stones, began to study the architecture of various countries and periods. As any amateur, he did not have a bias, therefore, it has inspired almost everything - the architecture of the East, the Maghreb, the Art Nouveau. Not forgetting the "banal", the practical side of the craft.

In total, Ferdinand Cheval hauled stones for their future creations for 20 years. And since 1888, stepping down to retire, started the construction of the Palace, which was subsequently memorialized its creator. 10,000 days, 93,000 hours and 33 years of work.

Akin to the natural shape of the palace: it seems that for Cheval was nothing impossible, so loose, it includes a track most fantastic detail. Moreover, the overall impression that the author was familiar with, for example, with the Indian temples, so impressive proportions of the columns and sculptures. And although the Ideal Palace like to call the first a naive architecture, although most Cheval is hardly naive - it was just true to itself and fully dedicated himself to art.

Ferdinand was an ordinary Frenchman. Left school at age 13, he went to work in a bakery, but was ultimately a postman. None of architectural education, or skills mason. At the same time, the narrow passages of the palace and the tower outside spotted by his sayings and poems - even the poetry was not alien to the Chevalier.In one room of the Palace is the inscription: "In creating this rock, I would like to approve the possibility of the will."

Андрей Гальперин

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