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Photos of the great women of the world

April 17 2007

In the gallery "at Solyanke" opened at once, two rare exposure. One of which is devoted to Mayakovsky museum - Lilya Brik, the other is the work of the legendary Walter Caron, who photographed many of the world celebrities.

In Russian culture, not so many women, about which we can say women. Lilya Brik has not been a female politician, she had another power. It was just a woman. Its main difference lay in the fact that she could inspire others, all who have contact with her.

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Maybe this is why it tried to capture the major photographers of his time. These pictures and formed the basis of exposure. She was one of the most popular models of Alexander Rodchenko, often using her photographs in his famous collage, Abram Shterenberg, Valery Plotnikov, Antoine Vitez, Francois-Marie Bagneux, most of Osip Brik, and many others. But what is surprising is that her attractiveness and sexuality is not fully able to convey any one artist. Strange Stealing Beauty.

By his own admission Osip Brik, he delighted in her mad lust for life, he needed her rare ability to transform everyday life into a celebration. It was in love with a French fashion designer Saint Laurent, who claimed that there are women who live out of fashion. "With Lilya Brik I could openly talk about absolutely everything - about love affairs, of decency, of painting, even about politics ... On the mode, of course, too. "

From the earliest days of their marriage Lilya "held salon, in which the creative elite gathered at the time - poets, painters, actors. So she introduced Maya Plisetskaya and Rodion Shchedrin - begins at a young composer. In her house could be found by Pablo Neruda, and Rafael Alberti, Boris Slutsky and Andrei Voznesensky, Nikolai Cherkasov, and Valentine Pluchek and many, many of the cultural heritage of the second half of the twentieth century.

Her life has not always been sunny, but she seemed like a cat had 7 lives. Being the wife of a repressed military commander (after Mayakovsky's death and divorce from Brik, she married a Soviet military commander Primakov), she has avoided references to the camps and still glowed in the capital's shops. And what about Stalin's famous phrase about Lilya Brik: "Do not touch the wife Mayakovsky?

But, despite the all-powerful leader of the filler words, Lilly ispila full all the bitterness of the human misunderstanding. After Mayakovsky's death - the greatest Soviet poet, his image is rapidly canonized the official literature, his personal life have made life without Lili Brik. To this end, many retouched photos where Mayakovsky was captured with Lily Jurevna. The image of women, which so influenced the talented poet who tried in every way to belittle. For many years, her photographs were taboo.

"She was not beautiful and at different times were different. This is a man who has made himself. Through her portraits, we see how time has passed through it. Just a girl, she gets into a revolutionary peace. Somehow she is going through a war. And it always turns out to be a man who at anyone like him. She was a mirror of our time. And these photos can understand that she was a woman "- has turned its attention to this fact the director at home Photos Olga Sviblova.

br /> However, in order to understand who this would be Walter Caron was also necessary to look at his work, which were presented in the next room. Young ladies, criminals, artists, prostitutes, the famous newlyweds ... For 15 years, he photographed celebration of everyday events and the exhibition reproduces it today.

Interestingly, the opening of the exhibition of French photographer arrived widow - Catherine Caron. "I never was jealous of those whom he photographed. I loved Gary Cooper, but he - Audrey Hepburn,. And there was even a case where they had a general survey, my husband asked me to be an assistant. He was very proud of those nestudiynymi shooting, in which he was strong. He even managed to take photographs Madame Khrushchev, when she was doing something for the kitchen. And Brigitte Bardot, he found about it when no one knew and asked her to climb on the roof - and it turned out that famous picture that we see today, "- talked about their memories of Catherine Caron.

In those days, celebrities doing their professional duty, and the paparazzi profession simply did not exist. Photographer Walter Caron aware of the limits of its range of handicrafts. Then, between them, the stars and the mass media, there was an atmosphere of friendship, trust and freedom. Walter with a few guys were a new aristocracy. The great of this world love those tanned young people - despite the fact that they represented a constant threat to morality, for their wives and girlfriends - who spent the evening of poverty, where you can eat. Walter created and instilled in others a certain style of clothing. Cloak, no tie, a blazer in the evenings. With the rich and famous, he was on friendly terms, but only a title of nobility he served as a Leica, which he wore as a trophy.

"He always put the light so that the" star "gets own role, because, as a rule, celebrities - are those whom we remember in one role. And speaking of professional skill, the Walter Caron most striking example. After all, it was not retouch photos - only light. At the exposition also provided a snapshot from the wedding of Edith Piaf when she was 60 years old. That's how he vyleplival characters light, so we perceive them. Also happens with the famous portrait of Audrey Hepburn, where she was portrayed with a cat. Therefore, his work - it lightscript "- shared his thoughts about creativity, Walter Caron Olga Sviblova.

Nastia Hristenzen


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