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Amazing Facts - January 16

January 16 2009

January 16, 1920 in the United States came into effect on 18 th Amendment to the Constitution - as the country entered into force "prohibition". Alco measures were very unpopular, besides they significantly hurt the national economy and caused a sharp increase in organized crime.

Gangster groups (bootleggers) grew rich on smuggling and clandestine trade in liquor is not taxed. Under public pressure in December 1933 adopted a Twenty-first Amendment, repealing nationwide "prohibition". However, at the level of individual state restrictions remained. Oklahoma, Kansas and Mississippi remained "dry" in 1948, and Mississippi last of all restrictions lifted in 1966.

January 16, 1969 was held the first ever docking of manned spacecraft - Soviet Soyuz-4 and Soyuz-5. Soyuz-4 "was launched on 14 January. The next day, January 15 from the Baikonur Cosmodrome launched the next manned spacecraft - the Soyuz-5 ", which was carrying three astronauts. January 16 at 08:20 UTC Soyuz-4 and Soyuz-5 docked. It was the first docking of two manned spacecraft.

During the docking, an active ship was "Soyuz-4, docking unit which was equipped with a pin, docking of Soyuz-5 was equipped with a cone. At 35-m coil of astronauts Khrunov and Elisha came into the open space of the Soyuz-5 "and switched to the Soyuz-4". This shift was part of preparations for the intended flight to the moon. After docking, the agency TASS announced that the first time in orbit an experimental space station with four astronauts on board. Soviet television broadcast transition astronauts Khrunova Eliseev and live. Khrunov astronauts used spacesuits and Elisha "Hawk" captain Boris Volynov helped them put on their spacesuits, tested life support systems and communications spacesuits. Volynov then returned to the landing bay and closed the hatch between the orbital and descent vehicle compartments. At the time Soyuz spacecraft had no passageway in the upper part of the orbital compartment. During the transition, the orbital slot of the Union "was used as an airlock.

After depressurizing the orbital compartment, the first in the open space left Eugene Khrunov. At this time the ships were docked over South America and had no radio contact with the control center in the USSR. Exit Eliseev occurs over the Soviet Union and maintained radio contact with Earth. Eliseev closed the hatch of the orbital compartment of the Union-5. Khrunov and Elisha crossed the orbital compartment of the Soyuz-4 ". Orbital compartment of the Soyuz-4 "was filled with air, the commander of the Soyuz-4" Vladimir Shatalov helped astronauts Khrunov Eliseev and remove their spacesuits. Khrunov and Elisha passed Shatalov letters, telegrams and newspapers, which came after the launch Shatalova into space. The ships were docked 4 hours 35 minutes, after which rasstykovalis and 17 January, Soyuz-4 landed 40 km southwest of Karaganda, 48 kilometers from the computational point of landing. At the landing site temperature was around -30 °, the snow depth - 60-80 cm. Search helicopter found lander 5 minutes after landing.

Release prepared by Max K * - based on encyclopedias and other public sources.

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