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Lenin's body tried to crush - along with the sarcophagus

July 14 2009

14 July 1990 members of the Rotary Club of the Canadian town of Oliver, baked record in its size pie. Diameter dishes was 6.1 meters and weight of the cake was 17.7 tons, of which 16.69 tonnes - cherry filling. Achievement log into the Guinness Book of Records.

July 14, 1960 there was an attempt on the body of Lenin - Lenin. In 14 hours 30 minutes one of the attendees Mausoleum jumped on the barrier near the sarcophagus with the body of Lenin and kick broke the glass. The offender immediately seized - it was someone KN Minibaev.

Specialists urgently had to deal with eradication cuts on the body of the deceased, to spend his extra embalming, coffin and since then have made of bulletproof glass.

14 July 1789 in France, people rushed to the infamous prison Bastille, defeated her and freed prisoners. This fortress was built in 1370-1382 as the strengthening on the outskirts of Paris. She soon became a prison mainly for political prisoners.

The reason for the siege of the Bastille began the rumors of King's decision to disperse the formed 9 July 1789 the Constituent Assembly and to shift from the post of state comptroller of finance reformer Jacques Necker. Outraged Parisians took to the streets. July 11 became aware of the concentration of the royal troops near Paris. The people who decided to resist the troops marched to the Bastille, hoping to seize weapons stored there. The garrison of the fortress consisted of 82 disabled, 32 Swiss, with 13 guns, but its main defenses were drawbridges and thick walls. After a negative response commandant of the fortress the Marquis de Launay on offer voluntary surrender, the people marched to the assault.

Easily penetrated at first outside the yard and cut the chain axes, movable bridge, the people rushed into the second courtyard, where an apartment, and the commandant of the barracks. Shooting began on both sides. To protect themselves from gunfire from above, people brought the straw and lit it, thick smoke covered the attackers from the eyes of the besieged. De Launay decided to blow up the Bastille. But when he came down with a lighted wick in a powder keg, two non-commissioned officer, rushed at him and was forced to convene a council of war. It was decided to surrender.

Was raised a white flag, and the lowered drawbridge huge crowd entered the courtyard of the Bastille. Several officers and soldiers were immediately hanged. Commandant of the fortress was beheaded, his head stuck on a pike, which then went around the whole city. All seven of the Bastille prisoners were released at will. Valuable archive of the Bastille was looted. July 14 uprising marked the beginning of the revolution. King Louis XVI had to make concessions and accept the decision of the National Assembly.

Bastille sryli, and a vacant lot put a tablet with an inscription Désormais ici dansent, which means "From now on there dancing." Since 1880 the anniversary of Bastille Day was celebrated in France as a national holiday. Across the country, are folk festivals, carnivals. And only a small part of the French did not share the universal joy, considering the taking of the Bastille the beginning of the national tragedy that resulted in the execution of the legitimate king, civil war and the Jacobin dictatorship.

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