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Brousov favorite female lead up to suicide?

December 13 2009

Few poets can boast that became a classic during his lifetime. Bryusov, dreaming to enter at least "two lines in the history of world literature, has gained fame genius of the age of forty. He was very prolific, he was not fond of Akhmatova and Tsvetaeva, he was at odds with Yesenin and two women who loved him passionately, committed suicide.

Valery Yakovlevich Brousov born December 13, 1873, and began writing almost since birth - at least the first comedy called "Frog" read native has four years and 11 years of age was published in a children's magazine "Sincerely word" .

Work as a journalist Valery ceased to suffice in the third grade school, and he became editor of his own handwritten edition of "Start". Apart from poetry boy published in "The Beginning" his fantastic tale in the spirit of Jules Verne and stories "of Indian life." And even then Brousov begins to use multiple aliases, so nobody can accuse him of excessive selfishness.

By 13 Brousov made the final decision to associate life with the literature, mainly with poetry - and never with this decision did not change. Moreover, his youthful plan Brousov "met and exceeded," the author, he was very prolific. By the forties anniversary Maitre Publishers "Syria has decided to release the collected works of Vladimir Yakovlevich, and the material had accumulated in 25 volumes - poetry, drama, short stories, novels, critical essays and translations. And after 40 years for a writer - it is, we can say, youth ...

The first pancake ...

Funny, but the first serious, not a children's publication Bryusov - not poetry, and articles in defense of the tote in the journal "Russian sport." Father Valery Yakovlevich could very much to tell her son about the races because he squandered on betting his entire fortune.

The first collection of poems, was born in 1895 and shocked the critics of the name - «Chefs d'oeuvre», that is "masterpieces". None of the novice poet would not risk so evaluate the first steps in literature, but Brousov was always confident. He wrote in his diary: "My Youth - youth of genius. I have lived and acted in such a way that justified my behavior can only be great deeds. "

The second book is surprisingly journalists long to mock the name of the first, bore no less pathetic name - «Me eum esse», «That's me." Further books followed one after another - and in a few years the literary community had to recognize the Bryusov right to call his poems masterpieces.

In the classics during his life

Besides the fact that Bryusov was one of the most famous poets of his time, the legislator of literary modes and head of the largest school of poetry - Symbolism, he managed to achieve fame and as editor of several well-known magazines, including "Libra" and "Russian Thought".

Already in 1910 Brousov becomes a living classic, widely regarded as the successor to Pushkin. In this case, Tsvetaeva and Akhmatova together not like Valery Yakovlevich. Tsvetaeva calls him "master without a hearing, and Akhmatova - a poet who knew the tricks of the trade, but did not know" the secrets of creativity. " And yet, in many areas of Russian poetry turn of the century Bruce was the first. For example, it is he author of the first monostiha (one-line poem) - "Oh shut your pale legs."

p style = "text-align: justify;"> Then monostih horrifying the critics and fun for readers, and only a few decades later, this form became popular among satirists.

Brousov was influenced by advice and criticism on the work of so many younger poets, as an active part in literary life. He had a reputation as a "magician" poetry and "priest" of culture, the unsurpassed "master". This does not prevent him to arrange an unusual literary hoax - to write two volumes of poetry from the face of urban courtesan, expensive, luxurious, highly educated and cynical. Hoax exposed not at once.

One of the most hilarious fun, loco and concerts, and theater, were the so-called "courts" in which Brousov played a major role. For example, blamed the Imagist or, conversely, defended the Russian literature in the trial of Russian literature. " Prosecutor at the court, by the way, was none other than Sergei Yesenin.

Revolutionary theme

After the revolution, Valery Yakovlevich joined the RKP (b), and began to work actively in various Soviet institutions. Among other things, he organized a Supreme Literary Arts Institute and the rest of his life was his rector and professors who led the poetry readings Moscow poet, taught at MSU and edited the department of literature, history and art in the first edition of the Great Soviet Encyclopedia. On the fiftieth birthday he received a letter from the government, which noted its many merits, "the whole country."

Brousov contributed greatly to the development of forms of verse, as translator of Russian readers discovered a galaxy of brilliant writers, including those from Armenia, which was awarded the title of "the national poet of Armenia, has helped to publish dozens of young poets. Bruce also considered one of the best Pushkinists, a brilliant literary critic and theorist of translation.

Love and Death

Being a lover of Valery Yakovlevich was not fatal for a woman. In 1913 his love affair with the poetess Nadezhda Lvova ends her suicide. Brousov seriously upset her death and went to the front war correspondent.

The same tragedy turned and relationship with Nina and Peter, a relationship for seven years was the subject of discussion all Moscow's beau monde. Nina was married to the owner of the publishing house, so tried to force in the literature, but the specific talents of the writers had been lacking. But perfectly fit into the bohemian circle with its cult of black magic, spiritualism and eroticism.

Nina was fascinated by Andrei Bely, and when he left her, moved closer to Bryusov to annoy past lover, as the name Bryusova echoed over the whole of Russia. Valery Yakovlevich wrote with Nina protagonist of his "Fiery Angel, Renata, sensual, hysterical, inclined to mysticism and exaltation, divorced from everyday life, from people, thirsty death.

Nina went into the role of Renata entirely and even claimed, if he wanted to die to Brousov debited from her death Renata, and thereby become a "model for the last great chapter."

Nina jealous Valery Yakovlevich to his work and activities, and it became a burden. In an attempt to rekindle former passion, she began to change Bryusov, then became involved in drugs, morphine and almost died. Recovering from illness, has decided to permanently leave Russia, lived in Europe, wrote passionate letters Bryusov still fancied herself Renata.

Tried to commit suicide out of the window, but only broke his leg and remained lame.After that, went back to drugs, drank a lot, suffered from severe nervous disorder. Recent years, Nina has lived in terrible poverty, starving, and even begging. And shortly after the death Bryusova made another suicide attempt - this time successfully.

Elena Chirkova

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