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Because of the storm killed five hundred people at once

August 12 2009

August 12, 1995 Guinness record was set in the competition for spitting. The greatest distance spitting watermelon seeds - as many as 22.91 meters - showed Americans Skeyot Jackson. Record was set in De Leon, ea. Texas, USA.

August 12, 1865 English surgeon Joseph Lister first used during the operation of carbolic acid (or, in other words, Phenol) - for disinfection of instruments and the surgeon's hands. As a result of innovations, the mortality of patients surgical departments fell threefold.

August 12, 1851 Isaac Merritt Singer, an American was granted a patent for the first sewing machine. The first sewing "machine" distinguished by the fact that fully replicate the manual method of obtaining the stitch.

The breakthrough came in 1814 when the Austrian tailor, Josef Madersperger created a needle with an eye at the tip of one end (hereinafter referred to is that the top of the needle one with the eye). Several years later, Fisher, Gibbons, Walter Hunt, Ellias Howe and other scientists began to work on getting the stitches using a needle with an eye. In 1845, Ellias Howe in the United States has developed a lockstitch and received a patent for a sewing machine to stitch it, which worked with a speed of 300 stitches per minute. Feature of the mechanism of this machine was that the needle moving horizontally, and the crosslinkable tissue located in the vertical plane and could only move in a straight line, which caused some inconvenience.

Feature of the same machine Singer was just the needle moving vertically, and the fabric, pressed a special presser foot, located on the horizontal platform and its promotion was carried out intermittently moving gear, and subsequently - the dentate plate (lath). For quite some time stamp machine "Singer" is the most famous in the world.

August 12, 1985 there was the biggest crash with a single liner. On that day, "747" company "Jal" crashed near Tokyo, killing 520 passengers and crew members. The cause of the accident was an explosion in the tail compartment of the aircraft. Crew within 30 minutes of fighting for the life of aircraft and passengers.

While reducing the plane got into a zone of a thunderstorm, after which the connection with him was lost. At 70 miles northwest of Tokyo, Boeing entered the peak and crashed into a wooded hillside at an altitude of 4,780 Otsutaka feet (14,350 meters). The explosion scattered wreckage over a distance of 5 km. Immediately caught fire. A column of thick black smoke rising over the mountain, has allowed fairly quickly establish the exact location of the disaster.

Help came only after 12 hours. It seemed as if the survivors of this catastrophe can not be. And then one of the lifeguards seemed some stir in the mutilated fragments of the liner. He came closer: from under a pile of metal from the remains of the Boeing came to the rescue to help the parachutists have learned 26-year-old stewardess, airline "Jal" Yumi Ochiai. Rescuers continued to disassemble the rubble and soon found another three surviving passengers: 12-year-old Keiko Kawakami and mother with an eight-year old daughter. All four of the lucky ones sitting in the center row of seats in the tail of the aircraft. For the remaining 520 passengers and crew of this flight was the last one.

By the number of Japanese victims of the catastrophe "747" is second only to crash in Tenerife in 1977, when they ran into two "Boeing". None ship so many people have not died.

ksperty came to the conclusion that a significant number of passengers killed on the ground from injuries and cold as rescuers sent to the site of the disaster too late. Doctors have found that some passengers remained alive even after 10 hours after the crash: they died from blood loss, shock, pain and cold. The death of 520 people has plunged Japan into shock. Press demanded that the leadership Airlines Jal find and punish those responsible.

On the body of one victim, Hirodzi Kawakami found an amazing document - a hastily written letter, in which the brave father of a family in Tokyo talked about what happened on board before the crash. He managed to find kind words for loved ones by putting time, neatly folded seven leaves from a notebook, and put them in the driver's license, and his - in the back pocket of his trousers and began to wait, calling on God for help.

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