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Viagra and LSD was invented quite by accident

April 10 2007

Viagra was initially developed as a remedy for sore throats. Men from all over the world should be grateful to the people of Wales, Merthyr Tydfil. It was here in 1992 during the tests revealed a remarkable side effect of the drug.

LSD. Swiss scientist Albert Hofmann in 1943 became the first person to try "acid". He remarked on the effect of a lysergic acid diethylamide, which carried out medical research of this matter and its influence on the process of childbirth.

X-rays. In the XIX century, many scholars interested in the rays that appear in the result of impacts of electrons on the metal target. However, X-rays discovered Germany's scientist Wilhelm Roentgen in 1895. He was subjected to various objects of the effects of radiation, changing them, accidentally saw on the wall appeared the projection of the bones of his own hands.

Penicillin. Scottish scientist Alexander Fleming in 1928, was researching the flu. One day he noticed how the blue-green mold (penicillin natural distinguish fungi), multiplies in one of the Petri dishes, and destroyed all the living there staphylococci.

Artificial sweeteners. The three most common sweetener were discovered only because scientists forgot to wash his hands. Cyclamate (1937) and aspartame (1965) were a byproduct of medical research, and saccharin (1879) was accidentally discovered in studies of derivatives of coal tar.

Microwaves. Microwave emitters (magnetron) worked on the radar Allies during the Second World War. New applications were discovered in 1946 when a magnetron melted a candy bar in his pocket one of the American engineers.

Brandy. In the Middle Ages wine merchants often evaporated water from being transported drink, so that it does not spoil and take up less space. Soon, some resourceful decided to do without the recovery phase. Thus was brandy.

Vulcanized rubber. Gudiyer Charles, after whom the company was named Goodyear, opened the process of vulcanization, when she accidentally put a mixture of rubber and sulfur on a hot plate.

Potato chips. When one client chef George Crum complained that his potatoes were cut by slices too thick, he took it and cut it with a thick, almost a piece of paper and fried. So in 1853, was invented by a popular snack.

Buns with Raisins. Think about the legend, described Gilyarovski, which states that a muffin-cake baker invented the famous Ivan Filippov. Governor-General Arseny Zakrevsky, bought as a fresh buns, suddenly found a cockroach in it. Summoned to the carpet Filippov, grabbed and ate the insect, saying that the general was wrong - it was a highlight. Back at the bakery, Filippov ordered to urgently oven buns with raisins, to justify himself before the governor



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