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"Awakening" semi-nude Sophia Loren

April 10 2007

Whether at the Moscow audience so affected exhibit Francoise Yuge "Forgetting about fashion," or Inez Van Lamsweerde and Vinud Matadin with your Calendar Pirelli'2007, but the gallery "Zurab" was simply overcrowded. A lot of people came to the exhibition to see for something that worked so hard two fotohudozhnitsy.

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One suggested that Moscow audience completely forget about fashion, so her picture is not visible models in the full sense of the word. For Francoise trims body, showing fashion, so that they are almost always without a head. This is the body that nothing thinking, the body, freed from the body, the body, "Go past his shoes, turned on its head.

"Many people ask me why my work is nowhere in sight his head. But, as without this? The Frenchwoman decided to chop the head, all the kings and queens! But seriously speaking, I would not focus attention on the beautiful models, and, above all, show the great work - manual labor, which has been done to create this or that dress "- admitted in an exclusive interview Yoki. ru Francoise Yuge.

The photographs Francoise motion silently and superficially. If her pictures often give the impression of Brittany waves, it is because of her art to show the dynamics in the rack. And here it should be said about the invention of Françoise, the "handwriting Yuge": its shaky kadirovanie, curves and inverted, which is so often imitated, and rather clumsily. The slope of the frame - this is love of the artist to foreshortening from the bottom up, it's the contrary, the requirement of the plot. On the catwalk fashion, which she has photographed in the immediate rush to defile, physically looks upward. What is more striking clothing, both in pattern and ornamentation of the more eye seeks to ensure that is not involved in the effect. Tilting the frame upwards, Francoise seized the geometry of space fashion.

"Interestingly, this exhibition has few heroes. On the one hand this is what makes Christian Lacroix, and then some artistic miracle that is born in a huge collective effort. On the other hand, the people backstage, which we never see any on the podium, which we never say - masters and skilled workers. People whose work created masterpieces, and without which the phenomenon of fashion and style would have been impossible. This is not a concept, a great work, which is at the head of the concept. Here is a strange approach to the phenomenon of fashion, where there are no spotlights, fashion show, where the model itself goes into the background, and is at the forefront of the collective work of the artist - here it's that, a completely different accent, which makes Françoise Yuge ", - underlined Director of the Moscow House of Photography Olga Sviblova.

Next to this exhibit's work alongside the exhibition "Pirelli Calendar" 2007 ". The heroines of this issue were five famous and beloved of all Hollywood actresses: Sophia Loren, Penelope Cruz, Hilary Swank, Naomi Watts and daring rising star Lou Duayoon. Portraits of these five women simply and directly. At a neutral background pride and determination of women show with incredible force. One bed, 5 heroines and 5 stories appear on the pages of the calendar, the authors of which break away from pretentiousness and conventions and are accepted for the study of psychology of women.

br /> «We are in a room where there is only a bed and sheets. We wanted to maximize the closeness and intimacy, as if we were for photos of friends "- says Inez. Working with each woman individually, she tried to find the hidden and most powerful of heroines. So, Penelope appears bright and sensual woman, Hillary - a true American beauty-athlete, Lu-an elegant and imperturbable, Naomi is the epitome of British excellence with its inherent gloss and sophistication, and Sophia Loren serves as superstars and legends.

The result was 26 incredibly expressive black-and-white photographs. Light, composition and atmosphere - in this simple, impartial pictures are all what you expect from two such distinguished photographers international level, as Inez and Vinud.

"This is a rare occasion when we talk about the incredible creative success. For many years I wanted to get this exhibit in Moscow. After all, Inez - one of the most popular masters of modern photography, which represents a wonderful contrast in this series because it black and very graphic, while the work of Françoise emerge from two-dimensional image and transformed into three-dimensional objects. In addition, the very interesting topic, "The Awakening" as a model, as it were awake, but this time one of the most romantic in the history of photography. But waking up is not only young creation. Wakes itself Sophia Loren, who allows himself to pose semi-nude, without violating the rules of morality and ethical ideas, but at the same time showing that age, against which all struggling so - this wealth ", - concluded Olga Sviblova.

Nastia Hristenzen


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