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Inventor of computer mouse does not become a millionaire

April 9 2009

April 9, 1966 The Vatican canceled the so-called "Index of prohibited books, which existed more than four centuries. The first official index published in Rome in 1559 under the direction of Pope Paul IV, who before his election was the supreme Inquisitor. Total edition published in 1932 a list of banned books, 12 of them - in the XX century. In the last edition (1948) indicated about 4000 works, including a fully banned writings of authors such as Balzac, Voltaire, Hobbes, Diderot, Rousseau, Spinoza, Hume, and Giordano Bruno and Descartes.

The first such list was published in the Netherlands in 1529. Venice and Paris followed the example of the Netherlands in 1543 and 1551, respectively. The first Roman list was compiled by Pope Paul IV. In 1571 was formed by the Holy Congregation of the List, specially designed for the detection of banned literature, making additions to the list, and create lists of corrections in cases where the required correction of the book, rather than its absolute prohibition.

The official purpose of compiling the index was railing of faith and morals from abuse and theological errors, and in addition directly to the list of banned books, the index also contained indications of the Church on the reading, selling and censorship of publications. In order to remove the prohibition on any folio, Catholic authors had to prepare a new, revised edition. The list has been very effective: for many years the book, appear on the list, it was very difficult to find in Catholic countries, particularly outside major cities.

Congregation List was abolished in 1917, after which the list took up the Holy Office. Recently, the 32-th edition of the list was published in 1948. There were 4000 books, banned because of heresy, immorality, elements of pornography, political incorrectness, etc. The list had the force of law until 1966, when he was safely abolished by the Second Vatican Council.

April 9, 1989 American Carl Douglas Engelbart was awarded the prize (half a million dollars) from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology - for inventing the computer mouse. It happened in 1968. The first computer which was sold together with a mouse, a firm Macintosh Apple, and the first computer which was sold together with a mouse, a Xerox 8010 Star Information System in 1981.

The first mouse looked like a wooden box, which moved on the table on wheels, counting their speed and turns. This information is then entered into the computer and operated by moving the cursor on the screen. His extraordinary "zoological" name manipulator was at Stanford Research Institute (where he worked Engelbart) - because of the similarity signal wire device with a tail eponymous rodent - in earlier models, he came out of the back of the "box with the ball and buttons.

Mouse perceives his movement in the working plane (usually - on the horizontal section of the table) and sends this information to your computer. A program running on your computer, in response to movement of the mouse is on-screen action corresponding to the direction and distance of travel. In the universal interface (for example, in the window) with the mouse the user operates the special cursor - a pointer - a manipulator interface elements.

In addition to the motion detector (previously - the ball and now - the LED or laser) mouse has one to three (or more) buttons, as well as additional controls (scroll wheel, potentiometers, joysticks, trackballs, keyboards, etcetc.), whose action is usually associated with the current cursor position (or components of a specific interface). Controls the mouse in many respects are the embodiment of ideas lump keyboard (ie keyboard to work blindly). Mouse, which was originally created as a supplement to lump the keyboard, actually it was replaced. Now-established induction mouse, inertial gyroscopic mouse, and even - they even do not need a rug. Inventor of the same mouse did not become a multimillionaire - a modest fee of Dr. Engelbart has spent at country houses ...

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