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Color of clothing tells a lot

April 9 2007

The color of clothes, in which clothed people, may not only affect his mood, but also tell about his character. People are open, outgoing, friendly usually prefer warm and bright tones. Taciturn and reserved, self-absorbed - cold and darker color combinations.

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Age also affects the commitment to one or another color. For example, children are very fond of all the bright, especially in red. All the red for them - beautiful. Teenagers also prefer bright colors, unusual color schemes. But among the young has many supporters, and black. This interest is mainly associated with the cult of any musical style. We can say that the color of clothing for many adolescents have even symbolist meaning.

People of middle age often prefer blue, green, gray, brown, signifying respectability, success in career. Older is trying to follow the more conservative traditions in clothing, darker tones. But this is - not the law, but rather a general trend.

What color is right for you?

Red not only acts as a stimulant. He is, above all, attracts attention with well-shaded color. Especially beneficial for people with pale skin. Green is soothing, improves mood. Blue - refreshing. Women in the blue outfit look younger. "Purple is especially to older women. Draws attention and young. Different shades of purple, especially bright, perfectly set off a young white skin. But we must be careful with makeup, or young and fresh face can turn into a vulgar caricature. Yellow contributes to disability. It is almost all women, raises the spirits. Especially good in combination with the dark tanned skin.

We must not forget that when electric light color change. Red, orange, brown and yellow - lighter. Blue-green, blue, indigo and violet shades darker. The orange and brown blush. Light yellow approaching white. But the yellow-green does not change. Green colors yellow. Blue and green are little distinguishable from the blue-green, or red, acquiring purple. Blue - sereyut or even turn black, dark blue are almost black. Some tones of blue, on the contrary, blush. Violet is too red.

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