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The French Foreign Legion will not be asked your name

March 9 2009

March 9, 1822 Charles Graham - a doctor from New York - received a patent for artificial teeth. In those years it became a real sensation, today prosthetic dentistry - is no longer unusual. According to statistics, every second person after 35 years of appeals to the dentist for the invention of Dr. Graham.

In general, the first dentures appeared in ancient Egypt - when they were made entirely of ivory and gold wire was attached. Dentures were indicator of human welfare, they were just rich people. Patented artificial teeth only in 1882. And made them already, mostly from plastic. But the quality leaves much to be desired. "If you come to the dentist 100 years ago, you would be offered to the teeth, which would hardly have made a modern man over the color qualities of durability. During that time, dentistry has stepped forward, "- spoken by modern dentists.

Today every second person over the age of 35 years have at least one artificial tooth. Dentists can now offer a large selection of prostheses - ceramics, plastic, porcelain. Distinguish this tooth from the prosthesis almost impossible. Nowadays, the invention of Dr. Charles Graham is widely used - in fact have the beautiful smile they want everything.

March 9, 1831 in Algeria (then still a French colony) founded the legendary French Foreign Legion. This is a unique military unit was founded by King Louis-Philippe I on the basis of several regiments of the predecessor. Officers for the new units were recruited from Napoleon's army, and soldiers recruited by the natives of Italy, Spain, Switzerland and other European countries, as well as the French, who have had trouble with the law. At the same time laid a tradition - not to ask the name of the recruit.

Day of glory and tragedy of the Foreign Legion was April 30, 1863 when, during the Mexican Expedition 65 legionnaires were attacked by three battalions of the Mexicans, numbering about 2,000 people near the village of Cameron. Legionnaires refused to surrender and during the night beat off enemy attacks. By the end of the battle remained alive two legionary. In memory of this battle every year on April 30 in units of the Foreign Legion celebrates the Day of Cameron.

Today the Legion is used, where the French state protects their interests within NATO or the European Union has a historic responsibility (eg, Côte d'Ivoire) or where the endangered French nationals. He obeys, as in 1831, only one person: a French head of state, today - the president. Eastern Europeans constitute the largest group (about one-third) among the foreign players. Quarter - South Americans. One-fifth of Legionnaires' - in fact, the French, who received a new identity (ie - name, documents, citizenship) and is now listed as Canadians, Belgians, Luxembourgers or Monegasque. Today, the Legion is not used for warfare, as before, but mainly to prevent military action in the missions under the auspices of the UN or NATO to preserve peace, to evacuate people from the regions of war for humanitarian assistance for reconstruction. In addition, the Legion is ready to conduct special operations, such as fighting in the jungle at night, against the terrorists and hostages are released.

Recruiters from the Legion's work in Russia. In 1998, only according to official figures, in French mercenaries have moved 57 Russians. However, to recruit into its ranks abroad Foreign Legion is prohibited. French Embassy to you quickly explain what is written in the mercenaries can only by traveling to France. But it's official. In fact, in Russian newspapers for several years on a set of ads appear in the Legion.

p style = "text-align: justify;"> 9 March 1985 Guinness record was set in the movement of crawling. Jagdish Chandra crawled Indus 1400 km from Aligarh to Jammu to appease Mata, revered Hindu goddess. His journey, which ended March 9, 1985, lasted more than 15 months.

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