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Rockefeller made millionaire mathematician

July 8 2009

July 8, 1839 was born John Davison Rockefeller (1839-1937), American industrialist and a multimillionaire. In late 1998, Rockefeller headed the list of the richest men in U.S. history. His fortune was estimated at $ 190 billion, equivalent to current prices.

John was the eldest son of the hapless doctor, sold questionable tinctures and potions. Father was not an exemplary family man than irritated son. After his mother died, John said that she died a widow. John in his childhood was a hard school: his mother believed that education of children should be based on the rod, and the Bible Baptist Church. Till the end of Rockefeller's model believers.

The first commercial operations carried out with the brothers and sisters: bought a pound of chocolates, divided it into smaller "portions" and selling them. At school, Rockefeller did not shine. However, he could well be considered, and throwing a 15-year school, managed to get a junior clerk in a trading company. Less than three years later he opened a couple of other self-employed. "Clark Rockefeller, and" sold hay, meat, salt, etc. In 1859 in Pennsylvania found oil, and Cleveland, a major transport hub, the center of attention. In 1863, Rockefeller partners built his first oil refinery.

In 1870 he founded Standard Oil. " Together with friend and partner, Henry Flagler, he began to collect disparate businesses into a single oil trust. Competitors could not resist him, Rockefeller made them a choice: association with it, or ruin. In 1890 was adopted by antitrust law aimed at fighting monopolies. Until 1911 Rockefeller and his partners managed to circumvent the law, but then "Standard Oil was split into 34 companies, but John just won.

Rockefeller's desire to squeeze out of each situation, its advantage until the last penny has become a legend. "I make their course only by the numbers, nothing else I want" - he said. All his expenses he was carrying a child in the granary book. Children Rockefeller received a day for two cents a waiver of sweets, five cents - per hour of music lessons and ten - for sharpening pencils. Late for breakfast was punished by a fine. He was married to Laura Celestino Spellman, whom he met as a student. Rockefeller, admitted: "Without her advice I would have stayed poor."

Rockefeller wanted to live to a hundred years, but died two months before the 98 th anniversary. The family hid the grave of his patriarch under the dome of reinforced concrete, capable, rumored to withstand bombing.

July 8, 1975 held an attempt to launch the biggest balloon in history. This unnamed aircraft, built by "Uinzen Research, Inc.." St. Paul, Minnesota, had inflated the amount of 2 million cubic meters and a height of 300 meters . During the first run, 8 July 1975, the balloon could not get off the ground and collapsed.

July 8, 1986 Guinness record was set in a throwing sport equipment. At Fort Funston, California, USA, Scott Zimmerman threw a metal ring at 383.13 meters.

July 8, 1947, following an incident in Roswell, New Mexico, USA, war allowed the first leak of information. The officer information service that airbase, Walter Haut, issued unauthorized press release stating that the U.S. Air Force became the owner of a flying saucer - disc of extraterrestrial origin. This statement was immediately refuted by the senior Air Force officers, who claimed that the remains of the weather balloon.

ak whatsoever, but on July 3 in Roswell, a local farmer Mac Brazel heard a strange sound resembling an explosion, and began to survey the surrounding territory - in an attempt to find the causes of the incident. The farmer saw that his field littered with pieces of wood, covered with hieroglyphics, and thin sheets of very durable metal. He also found a large chip, which could belong to a huge drive. Employees of Air Force test site near Roswell found this "drive", as well as certain creatures, some were still alive. Burned bodies of the crash sent the chip and the local air base, now known as "Area-51".

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