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Why do we need psychoanalysis?

October 7 2009

12608.jpeg Psychoanalysis - fashionable thing today. Because the roots of many of our problems really are hidden deep in the subconscious. But with the help of psychoanalysis and pull them out. And sometimes when this place has amazing, downright mystical events ...

This is explained by the fact that we are closely connected with our environment. Psychological problems and complexes contribute to disruption of this connection. For example, if a person is not intrinsically self-confident, he can not successfully communicate with other people, calling them a lot of sympathy because they are on an unconscious level will capture negative signals to the information field: "I'm bad, I'm worthless, I do not deserve to to me well! "

We all probably have seen a situation where a person is objectively quite decent and cute could not manage to arrange their personal lives, make friends ... Of such talk: "Everything is there, but something is missing!" And yet another person who does not have, at first glance, neither particularly attractive nor outstanding spiritual qualities, people are drawn.

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"Nothing special, but there's something!" - Talk about it. What is the secret of this charm? Just a man takes himself so as it is, it has a harmonious inner world, high self-esteem and feeling surrounding it! Such a person simply sends a signal space: "I'm good, I am alone, I deserve the best!" People get them and react accordingly.

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But it is important and the ability to hear and feel information that comes to non-verbal level from other people. Without this, even if there is high self-esteem and confidence of people will be lonely. People are well aware of his dignity, to accept them, but unconsciously feel that he is not ready to replace the warmth that a human being to him no interest.

Thus, the "cool" businessmen often complain that the ability to establish a right relationship with business partners in the field of personal relationships they grasped the complete collapse - no real friends, women are attracted only to their money, etc. ... In fact, others just pushes their arrogant attitude coming into the process of communication signals: "I'm better than you!", "You are unworthy of me!"

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Psychoanalysis is sometimes a strange "side effect" that is both positive and negative.

12810.jpeg So, with Jeanne after she began to deal with a female psychoanalyst, immediately began to befall the strangeness. She fell on the stairs, which was by no means any steep or slippery and heavily bruised knee, a month with barely moved ...

Then she became ill kidney, who had not responded to any excesses in the diet, and had to quickly sit down on a special diet. Abscesses have appeared on television, which did not take any ointment. The apartment now and then occurred some failures - burst water pipes, damaged switches, etc.

However, the young woman abruptly expanded social circle.The most surprising Jeanne, is that of her remembered even by those with whom she had many years did not support the relationship. Former friends, long ago at a meeting trying to look good its not recognize, began to say hello and ask how things were going.

But in the biggest shock Jeanne threw a letter from a former classmate, with whom they had not seen for ten years and which broke up not too beautiful circumstances. She wrote: "Imagine, for so many years later, I suddenly longed to talk with you!"

Talk to your counselor, Joan learned that all of this - in the order of things. Just because its "information field" interact with the environment.

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Psychoanalysis can really work wonders. The woman had previously no one paid attention, begins to enjoy success in men. The person to whom life was not lucky with money, finds an excellent job. Improving family relationships, with others. Sometimes people can not even clearly explain how they helped the analysis. It seems that nothing has changed, and suddenly ...

Analysis offers a look at the problem situation from a different angle than we are used normally. For example, try to look at ourselves and the world through the eyes of others. Often we are operating only estimates and judgments, forgetting about her feelings, and yet from them may depend on resolving the problem. In essence, the task of the analyst - do not change us, but only to help change yourself. And then the world around magically change.

Dariya Lyubimskaya

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