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Jokes ... (April 7, 2009 Issue 2)

April 7 2009

One farmer was an elite purebred cattle and the best male-producers.
Everyone in the neighborhood knew that for their use, he took, respectively:
a stallion - 120 bucks for a bull - 80 per pig - 40. Once, when
worked in the yard younger son of a farmer, a neighbor came running to him and shouted:
- Your older brother knock up my daughter!
- Wait, will soon be a father. I do not know solko he will take with you
for my brother.
-------------------------------------------------- ----
For a man's marriage - it is a very expensive way to free laundry.
-------------------------------------------------- ----
- What kind of hair you have on your document?
- You yourself told to print egg perekatat.
-------------------------------------------------- ----
10 phrases that you can not tell the police (GAI), if you are stopped.
10) Excuse me, officer, I did not know what my trap warning is not included.
9) Do you know why you stopped me? Ok, at least one of us
8) You will not be checking my trunk, is not it?
7) I tried to be at the level of traffic. Yes, I know that other cars
here, however, did not. That they're just a long way left.
6) I thought that police officers must be in good physical shape.
5) Officer: Son, your eyes are red. You drank alcohol?
Your Answer: An officer, your eyes are transparent. You drink water?
4) Hey, you must have traveled 180 km / h to catch up with me. That's good!
3) іlki-stick, an officer, what class! Last time I also got off only
2) It is not by chance you are the last comic in Murzilki sketched?
1) I can not get it right, unless you hold my beer.
-------------------------------------------------- ----
The father tells his son, lawyer:
- If the mother asks you how much I drank, then you tell me ...
- I will not lie, but based on the existing ties of kinship between us
I refuse to testify
-------------------------------------------------- ----
The blonde says to her friend:
- I bought you a gift book. In my opinion, this tutorial dance
it's called "Oliver Twist".
-------------------------------------------------- ----
Housing thieves always first call to verify you are at home or not,
Therefore put on the answering machine the following message:
"Hello, unfortunately we can not answer your call, because
that cleans and lubricates our Winchester 32 caliber, but it may well be
that we simply have no home, so leave your message after
beep ....."
-------------------------------------------------- ----
Came a woman to a dermatologist.
- Doctor, quite often lose something, I smell a strange appeared on behalf of ...
- Uh ... yes it is, perhaps, you have a vision began to deteriorate ...!!!
-------------------------------------------------- ----
Two friends.
- And yesterday I met with a Girl! Feet from the teeth grow ..!
- Well, imagine her age as forty - set of false teeth on crutches!

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