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Amazing Facts - December 6

December 6 2008

December 6, 1945 has been patented microwave. Did an American engineer Percy Spencer, who first noted the ability of microwave radiation to heat food and invented apparatus for heating products. While Spencer was employed by Raytheon, a producer of equipment for the radars. According to legend, when he experimented with another magnetron, he noticed that a piece of chocolate in his pocket melted. According to another version, he noticed that the sandwich is hot, put on the included magnetron.

The first microwave oven was built by Raytheon, and it was designed for rapid industrial cooking. Its height was approximately equal to human growth, weight - 340 kg, power - 3 kW, which is approximately twice the power of modern domestic microwave ovens. The furnace cost about 3000 dollars and was used mainly in canteens and dining halls of military hospitals. His first serial household microwave oven was released by the Japanese firm Sharp in 1962. Initially, the demand for a new product was low. In the USSR microwaves produced ZIL plant. Now microwave oven - one of the most popular household appliances and there is almost every kitchen.

6 December 1957 failed the first attempt of Americans to launch its artificial Earth satellite. Then ended in failure Launch satellite Vanguard-1, widely publicized in connection with the program of the International Geophysical Year. Successful conclusion as the first American artificial satellite took only 1 February 1958 - while the team of Werner von Braun was the launch vehicle of the Explorer-1 "(English Explorer-I - Explorer).

December 6, 1969 there was the infamous tragedy at the concert of the Rolling Stones in Livermore (California) - killed 18-year-old Meredith Hunter, an African American, beaten to death by bikers from the group, the Hells Angels, which provides security and order during the concert. It is not clear what he wanted to make a black youth who had turned with a firearm near the stage, but the crowd raged, and the band members, played a few songs, even had remove from the scene by helicopter. On that day, at a free concert to an estimated 100,000 gathered 300,000 people, and the atmosphere was far from calm. Performed as "Rolling Stones song" Sympathy for the Devil ", as many believe, and has the same" spark ". A year later, on screens in the U.S. began a documentary film Gimme Shelter, tells this tragic concert "Stones", editable participants in the events.

Those so long ago in the British press published sensational information about the incident at Altamont is so angered Jagger that he vowed never to resort to the bikers as a volunteer security guards at concerts - and to avenge a rock singer, they decided to kill him. Alleged killer had intended to get close to the house of Jagger on Long Island from the sea. However, due to storm their boat overturned and all the bikers were behind. None of them were drowned, but they left no attempt to eliminate the leader of The Rolling Stones.

December 6, 1976 record was set speed ground vehicle, driven woman. Among the racers best in the world belongs to an American Kitty Hambleton, raced to three-bolide CM1 "Motiveytor" at a speed of 843.323 km / h. Record was set in the desert Alvard, Oregon, USA.According to some experts, the maximum speed at the time of arrival may even reach 965 km / h.

December 6, 1983 at the auction was sold to a unique deck of playing cards - the oldest known. I bought her a New York Museum of Art at the Metropolitan, who paid at auction in London auction "Sotheby's" 143,352 dollars. According to documents at the lot, the cards were manufactured in the years 1470-85 and painted by hand.

Release prepared by Max K * - based on encyclopedias and other public sources.

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