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Secrets of a beautiful bouquet: from the ancient East to our days

March 6 2007

The most popular gift for March 8 - flowers. But sometimes the flower that is bought for a lot of money, can bring only frustration. He quickly begins to fade and from its former magnificence is not a trace remains. But the trick can be avoided, guided in choosing a bouquet for his beloved multiple rules.

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If possible, do not take ready-made bouquets and baskets. In a small basket is usually added to all sorts of flowers with broken legs, trim the lower branches asparagus, twigs baby's breath. The bouquet should not combine the tulips and daffodils, as the former quickly losing the look and wither. It is not good influence on many other narcissus flowers. By "vredinam" refers deceptively innocuous and gentle lily of the valley (which is generally better to set apart from all), mignonette, yellow primrose. By color-egotists include lilies, roses and carnations, which are better preserved when standing alone and without neighbors. Plants, prolonging the life of the bouquet: twig arborvitae or geraniums.

Do not take the roses, chrysanthemums and carnations unnatural blue, green and bright orange. Typically, this is not fresh bright flowers, rapidly losing species. At night they put a special dye, after such a procedure they have not been idle.

Flowers in the original "skirts" of bright cellophane look very elegant. Buying them is not necessary - it is so old flowers delivery, without the support that the halo is simply crumbles. Some types of flowers are simply very bad. Therefore, tulips, daffodils, hyacinths need to put in very cold water, irises is possible even in ice water, then they stand up longer. In any case longer than 3-4 days should not count.

Rosa, too, stand for long. They do not like temperature changes. Distinguish fresh roses from the stale very difficult. But one way, after all, there is. If the leaves of the cup fit snugly to the rim of the flower, but with the corolla not skinned uneven integumentary lobes, the so-called shirt - rose obviously fresh.

Very long standing Orchids and anthurium. With a large number of buds to take lilies, carnations and chrysanthemums shrub. They bloom beautifully and can stand a few weeks. Krupnotsvetnye chrysanthemums and carnations should be solid, with fresh, succulent leaves on the stem, the lower petals should not be baggy and hanging. In carnation loose bud? So, from the already povydergali half wilted petals. Mimosa need to take with buds, fluffy flowers. Vendors who claim that green buds bloom yet, blatantly lie. Typically, mimosa flower buds do not dissolve.

For allergy sufferers there are species of Asian lilies virtually odorless. Also a good option - krupnotsvetnye chrysanthemums, for example type "Delhi Star.

The significance of color bouquet
This compilation is for those who are inclined to symbolism. So, if your bouquet dominated ...
white - the symbol of innocence and purity
red - love and passion, active, invigorating color
Yellow - warmth, warmth of the sun, carries a life-affirming Home
blue - cold, sad, expressed sadness, trust and loyalty
Blue - the embodiment of purity, fidelity and tenderness, the color of the sky and infinity
green - the color balancing and calm
orange - a cheerful and warm color
Yellow - a symbol of the sun, vanity and powerbr /> purple - a sign of dignity, luxury and grandeur, ideal for festive bouquets.

In the East, the language of flowers was a whole science of "villages" where the grief caused by loneliness, denoted azalea. The white carnation talked about trust, and red - on the hot feelings. In the sincerity of love "doubted" yellow roses, red - secretly "confessed" in fiery feelings. Lily signified purity, aster - sadness. Each time of year, consistent with their color: black - for the winter, white - for fall, blue - for the spring and red - for the summer.

Favorite female British give pansy. And even if up to this day a sense of hiding, they may be made only with the help of these wonderful flowers.

Many Europeans flowers, which embodies the pure and white love, to this day is false acacia.
The key to love and happiness in family life in ancient Germany is lilies.

In Japan, hydrangea express grief, but in other countries are endowed with the property ward off illness and misfortune. In Japanese culture yellow - a symbol of light and sun. Yellow flowers to people who want light and goodness. Orange symbolizes strength, power, pride. A blue flowers "speak" about the longing, loyalty, and decided to give them the lame-duck army. The sign of friendship - purple and green - serenity and peace. White - a symbol of purity, tenderness, sadness and mourning, as well as in some other countries.

During the reign of Catherine II was developed by the Registry about colors, where red means love, green - hope, blue - loyalty, black - sorrow, yellow - treason.

It is believed that the number of flowers in a bouquet is of some importance: one flower - is a sign of attention, three - of respect, five - the recognition, seven - love ...

Tatiana Trushkova. Based on materials from the Academy present "and" Native Newspaper "


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