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Amazing Facts - January 6

January 6 2009

January 6, 1681 hosted the first recorded in print boxing bout. Sportscast this boxing match was placed in the British newspaper "The Protestant Mercury:" Yesterday the boxing match in front of the Duke Albemarovskim between the groom and his butcher. The first won the prize, as did many times before, as it is believed, despite his small stature, the most adept at this exercise in England. " The name of the champion newspaper did not name: only shows the host name of the winner. Expense of their English champions are from 1719, that year, James Figg was considered the strongest pugilists England.

The first information about the box - stone tiles with pictures of wrestlers and boxers - relate to Ancient Greece, they belong to the tenth century BC. Plato considered the father of fisticuffs son of Poseidon, god of the seas and the nymph Melia - King Amykusa. According to legend, he did not let his kingdom is no stranger, not finding him in a fist fight. A curious fact: in XIII Book "Hellas" refers to the fact that the cups in those days were given to the defeated boxers for their comfort.

The program of the ancient Olympics there were fist fights in only 23 games. The first Olympic champion was a Greek Onomastus. The first boxing fights were bare fists, and later to protect the hands from injury began enveloping fists straps. For the sake of viewers who were thirsting for the blood of the Roman circus was soon on the belts appeared units and metal rings.

Domestic historians argue that the fights in Russia has existed in the XI century. Fought alone ("self to himself") and "wall to wall" (street by street, and they set Posad, a village on the village). Strictly adhered to the unwritten rules: Do not touch the passers-by and spectators come with an armed hand; "lying DO NOT beat!" Fights were carried out face to face. Were not allowed to hit back with a "tripping", to strike their feet or head. The offender be punished as their fighters. In Russia fights were never paid spectacle. In England - the results of competition depended on earnings of athletes and fans to wager money. Therefore, the bout boxers differed cruelty: boxers punched and punched and the elbow, applied grabs and throws the opponent kicked, poked fingers in my eyes, even encouraged the beating lying down and low blows.

6 January 1943 decree of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the Red Army were are given new decals - epaulets. Originally straps were purely practical value - they are kept from slipping belt pouch. Accordingly, the shoulder strap there is only one - on the left shoulder (cartridge scrip was worn on the right side). It is for this reason, most of the fleets of the world's shoulder straps are not used as a position or rank is denoted by stripes on his sleeve (the sailors were not chuck the bag).

In Russia, the strap first appeared in military attire by Peter I. Use the shoulder straps as the military insignia of a regiment of soldiers from another regiment were from 1762, when each regiment were installed epaulettes various weaving garusnogo cord. At the same time an attempt was made to strap a means of distinguishing the soldiers and officers, which in the same regiment at the officers and men weave shoulder strap was different.

After the October Revolution in Russia epaulettes were abolished - as a symbol of inequality, were abolished and military ranks. Soldiers differed only by posts. As an insignia during the Civil War were put stripes on the sleeves in the form of geometric figures that indicate the position of a soldier.In addition to the armed forces insignia of the Russian Federation (as well as in other countries) is now used for police officers, police, tax and environmental authorities, transport (mainly rail, sea, river, civil aviation) and certain other organizations.

Release prepared by Max K * - based on encyclopedias and other public sources.

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