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Because of the computer America almost started a nuclear war

June 3 2009

June 3, 1980 in the U.S., due to an error of American computer reporting the Soviet nuclear attack on the entire country was declared a nuclear alert. Later, specialists discovered that failure gave one of the computer system of NORAD - the North American Aerospace Defense Command (North American Aerospace Defense Command) .

Within ten minutes the world was on the brink of nuclear apocalypse. On the launchers of intercontinental ballistic missiles "Minuteman" Received the team preparing for the launch, but the crews of strategic bombers took their seats in airplanes.

However, computers were not given a clear and coherent picture of the attack - instead, the screen displays an ever-changing numbers of rockets launched, and at various command posts, these numbers do not always coincide.

As it turned out later, cause computer crashes and the whole system has become defective chip, costing just 46 cents. Catastrophe was averted people wisely decided that the attack so simply can not be started.

June 3, 1946 in Hungary were issued notes amounting to a billion milpenge "billion billion Peng." In the economy of the country then was a cruel post-war crisis - but now this bill is very popular among coin collectors worldwide.

June 3, 1785 in London, was tested on a parachute, invented by François Blanchard. Parachutist became the first cat, which took off from a balloon at the 300-meter altitude and then it landed safely. In October 1785 Jean Pierre Blanchard pulled the dog from the balcony, and in August 1786 - a sheep on a parachute.

However, often called the inventor of the parachute Faust VRANCIC from Croatia. According to legend, he had in 1597 jumped from the bell towers are 87 meters on the market square in Bratislava. Folding a parachute was invented in the early XX century German Kete Paul - she's become one of the first female parachutists.

In 1911, the Russian military Kotelnikov invented a radically new parachute RK-1. Parachute Kotelnikov compact: its dome is made of silk, straps were divided into 2 groups and were attached to the shoulder girth harness. Dome and the slings were placed in a wooden and later aluminum pack. For 1917 in the Russian army had registered 65 runs with parachutes, 36 - to rescue and 29 voluntary.

The date is the beginning of the development of mass parachuting in our country is July 26, 1930 - the same day at the airfield in Voronezh took first jump pilots under the direction of LG Minowa.

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