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Umbilicus tell about the nature of man

April 2 2007

The sages of the East came to the conclusion that a not insignificant role in the body of a man playing the navel. According to the form, you can determine how much your partner's temperament in the pleasures of love.

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If the form of navel men as a ball, it sissy. The man who can not make their own decisions, always "hiding" behind her mother's skirt and listens only to her advice. While in bed he was on something that is capable of. And not just for "something", but very even all of his excellent turns, because the unrealized fantasies manifest themselves. And you can take advantage of this. Your task: to become an irresistible temptation for him interesting and attractive (and sometimes even power).

Umbilicus in the form of an arc (horseshoe) indicates that such a man, reckless and mountains on the back (assuming the home life and life in general). This strong-willed, purposeful and open person. In bed, he's a miracle! This gentle and affectionate, sensitive and exciting. Your task: a lot of sex appeal in your way - causing the underwear to excite the game ... and it is yours.

Arca (navel formed numerous arches). This man - the leader in all things. He gets pleasure from his own superiority, and always strives to be the first. Flaming emotions, bright temperament, explosive character: he is passionate and insatiable. Your task: to be always ready for combat at any time, regardless of where and when his unrestrained desire to overtake you. Such a man will never leave you out of your head.

The question mark (in the form of belly button looks like this sign). Romantic in the money - it is very rare. Romance was always and everywhere, and yes even global success - that's what you need for those who love the emotions and adventures. In bed, he fabulist and fantasist. Experiment - that's his hobby. Your mission: Take the Kama Sutra and learn it, you can together, and experiment on health. Even better, if you're for him "muse".

Comma (slim wrinkle the skin, resembling a comma). The man with the navel is usually balanced and good. Soft and flexible, but imagines. Very sociable and business sector is seeking the location of many people, so that the career he achieved. Your task: take the bull by the horns, that is to take things into their own hands. Initiative in bed should come from you, in the first place. And he will answer you with affectionate touch and affection from the mass of soft words.

Umbilicus resembling the lion's mouth. Large sunken navel shows stubborn, strong-willed nature, inclined to fight and endowed with vitality. However, such a "master" is quite possible and a great love of adventure - mostly love. Your task: firstly, if you dont want to be one of his numerous mistresses, so be careful with him. Secondly, if you can not imagine life without him, then try not to bore him.

Tunnel (deeper and slightly elongated navel). This man vain and envious, perhaps even greedy and petty. He needs to be constantly praised and raised on a pedestal. In the bed is pedantic and scrupulous "worker".He met all carefully and at the same time refined. He is selfish, always takes the initiative in their hands. Your goal: Be on the alert, if you want to be with this zaznaykoy because you have to take all the rules of his game.

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