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Jokes scientists, athletes joke. And bisnesmeny

April 1 2009

April 1, 1778 a businessman from New Orleans Oliver Pollock came up with the sign of the American currency - the dollar "$". Some sources indicate that the icon coined Orleantsev - not crossed the letter «S». This Pillars of Hercules, overgrown with the serpent Python. The snake that won Apollo is the patron immigrants.

In this case, numismatist of Andalusian city of Malaga Gonzalo Gonzalez argues that the image of the U.S. dollar with the letter S, which would cut as two units, is nothing more than a repetition of symbols, borrowed from the Spaniards in the first half of the eighteenth century. According to him, in 1732 in Mexico, while Spanish colony, was minted silver coin eight reales. It was her first time that you see "$". The coin had circulated in the territory of a young nation the United States, and when there in 1792 decided to launch his own money, the Americans took it as a model.

According to tradition, the World, April 1, marked as "April Fool's Day" (April Fools' Day "). The very first mention of the festival in honor of the then" God's laughter "refers to ancient Rome. Later, in medieval Europe, the tradition of April fools jokes and pranks were not forgotten. For example, in France in 1564, Charles IX issued a special decree ordering to move New Year from April 1 to January 1. However, some people continued to celebrate the new year the first of April and made fun of them, giving them funny, or even empty gifts. When and by whom the feast was brought to Russia - is still not known exactly. According to tradition, in this unofficial holiday made fun of your friends, family, colleagues, etc., and these jokes are usually reach the goal, if a person has forgotten what day it is. History of known massive April Fools' pranks and hoaxes, which were conducted through the media (the media).

The most famous drawing of the XX century, of course, was the reportage BBC bumper crop of spaghetti in Switzerland, shown in 1957. "The winter was mild, and pasta weevil farmers managed to win," - explained why an unprecedented harvest reporter. Report called in England a lot of emotions. Citizens cutting short phone TV with requests to tell you how to grow spaghetti.

In 1980, "BBC has reported that London's mechanical clock Big Ben will be replaced by electronic ones. Message stirred the British public. Outraged citizens called to express their protest. Some, however, wondered whether it is possible to buy a part of the old Big Ben.

In 1988, Izvestia published an article stating that Diego Maradona is in talks with the leadership of Spartak Moscow. It was reported that "Spartacus" Maradona is prepared to pay $ 6 million for agreeing to play for the team. Later, "The News" admitted that the article was an April Fool's joke. However, before the news of Maradona's moving in the Soviet Union seriously managed to tell The Associated Press. It was the first April Fool's joke in the Soviet newspaper.

In the 1990's in Western news stories appeared Russian gangsters. In 1996, the ITAR-Tass reported that one of the Russian military factories began to produce hand grenades incrusted with diamonds. "The explosion of a grenade will leave the body of your enemy is not in a pool of blood, and surrounded by brilliant diamonds" - the report said.

In 1995, the Irish Times newspaper published an article claiming that Disneyland management is negotiating with the Russian government to buy the body of Vladimir Lenin, together with the Mausoleum.

In 1996, American fast food chain Taco Bell announced the purchase of one of the symbols of American independence Liberty Bell in Philadelphia, which is known to be called residents on the announcement of the Declaration of Independence in 1776.Guide of restaurants announced that henceforth the bell will be renamed and became known as Taco Liberty Bell. Angry that message rang Americans not only in pubs, but also the press secretary Mike Makkurri White House to clarify the situation. However, he did not try to reassure them. He said that a memorial to Abraham Lincoln sold the auto giant Ford and will be renamed the Ford Lincoln Mercury Memorial.

Joke of the day, and scientists. So, in 1998 a serious journal New Mexicans for Science and Reason published an article stating that the authorities of the U.S. state of Alabama are going to change the value of pi from 3.14159 to 3.0. The article said that the government considers the current value of "un-Christian" and want to round it up to "biblical values".

In general, oddly enough, but in many countries, April Fools' jokes through the mass media shall be regulated by law - for example, in the U.S. press officers are obliged to prevent exactly where they are joking - to avoid lawsuits from people with no sense of humor.

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