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The whole truth about dreams

March 1 2007

Several thousand years ago, people believed that the soul during sleep leaves the body and travels to other worlds. Allegedly, during such a "voyage" soul got up very important information. Of course, this is just a legend, but really it is useful to look intently at their dreams. Dreams reflect the secret desires of man, his fears and complexes.

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Some facts about sleep
It is estimated that one third of his life we are in a dream. However, to our dreams "come" is not the whole night, but only at certain moments - a phase of so-called "REM sleep". The researchers found that in such moments that the sleeping man having rapid eye movement, and the eyelids start to twitch rapidly. Repeats of "fast" phase occurs every 70 minutes. If you sleep 7-8 hours, it is easy to calculate how many dreams do you see for the night. A man in his life, on average dreaming for six years.

We remember, we, as a rule, only morning dreams.

It is best remembered for sleep if they wake up immediately after the blink. Son could hardly remember if after the "fast" sleep much time has passed. The worst thing to hear the alarm clock in the midst of "fast" phase. Sleep will be "unharmed". But you'll feel sluggish and exhausted.

Blasting, impulsive personality is best remembered my dreams. Waking up, they are 10-15 minutes in bed, remembering the details of sleep and breaking my head over the question: "To all this might mean?" Quiet phlegmatic natures attention to dreams do not pay.

The experimenters believe that the night and naps have different functions. So, a day is likely to consolidate memories, experiences and information obtained in the learning process.

Year study of a million adults showed that among those people who sleep 6-7 hours a day, a lower death rate than among those who sleep 8 hours.

It is impossible to pinpoint a person is awake without close medical supervision. People can sleep with open eyes, without even knowing it.

Anything less than five minutes to fall asleep, then you're sleep deprived. Ideal gap - between 10 and 15 minutes. This means that you are very very tired, but the day you feel sleepy.

The body temperature and sleep cycle is closely linked. So sleep in the hot night brings rest. Blood of the best ways assigns an internal body heat through the skin between 18 and 30 C. But with age, this area shrinks to 23 and 25 C. Therefore, they have older people more problems with sleep.

Some studies show that women need an hour more sleep than men. And the fact that they did not receive, can cause a much greater exposure of women depressive disorders. People aged 18 to 24 years are losing more in productivity from lack of sleep than their older comrades.

The whole truth about nightmares
Every person ever had nightmares with horrible monsters, maniacs, murderers, etc. Before I sit and wonder over the "dreams of horror, think about what you are looking for a night - another boevichok or program, where the river flowing blood, such transfers, we on television abound. It is possible that some of the shots you cut into the subconscious.

odd solid meal before going to sleep or lack thereof - can also cause nightmares. "Scary" impulses sent to your brain and then another.

Also, nightmares may provoke some drugs to reduce the pressure.

Disturbing dreams (or one and the same terrible story) are repeated too often? This may be a sign that you are under stress or pressure you to some unresolved, an important problem for you. Try to see a specialist.

To be continued ...

Tatiana Trushkova


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merri 28.11.2009 | суббота ответить

почему среди тех людей, которые спят 6-7 часов в сутки, смертность ниже, чем среди тех, кто спит 8 часов. В чем причина?

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