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School of the Future, what is it?

August 31 2007

Have you ever thought about how it will look like the school of the future? No? And we tried to imagine a school ...

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Computers. Of course, all schools will be fully computerized. And in a fairly short time. However, all computer classes will be held among the older generation, because if children from first grade zasyadut for cars, they even learn to write by hand.

Evaluation. They probably will be more. May be introduced 100-point grading system. The more marks, the students are easier to learn, teachers to teach, and parents see how their children learn. At the moment, the same "five" may be in different children's different - someone with great reserve, someone on the contrary a very good, solid. Great magazines in the future, too, have exhausted themselves and will go into oblivion. Computers and the Internet will replace paper documents.

Interior. When a long time ago across Russia began to form schools, they were more like prisons. Especially in those days people did not understand why you need to learn. In general, the schools were as follows: floor, walls, ceilings, tables, chairs and everything. But every year the school became increasingly well equipped. So, most likely in the future, the concept of "school - is the second house will be fully justified. Surely the bare walls are papered with wallpaper everywhere will stand sofas and armchairs. It is hoped that future children will not go crazy and stop to shoot down every living thing in its path.

Teachers and students. The school will never teach nizkokvalifitsorovannye people. All teachers will undergo a thorough interview. But the disciples as they were all different, so the same forever and remain. Someone will learn better, some worse, someone will take part in recreational school activities (such as events in the future will be even greater than now!), While others, conversely, in scientific conferences.

Entertainment. Even now, many schools are practicing the joint visits, trips, excursions. In the future they must become more and they should be included in the mandatory curriculum. Thus, the quality of education is also improving. Each school will be a sports club with sections. The complex also will take the competition (between schools or between classes).

How do you see yourself school of the future? What will happen to her of things that were not in school years do you have?

Tatiana, 19: At my age it was not possible to access the Internet during lessons of computer science. A no, but all the same holiday. Still, I think that there should be EGE. As released from school, I was - much more productive and useful. I was taking the usual exams - written and oral. Lessons physical education should not be mandatory - especially in high school.

Margarita, 18: It would be productive to introduce a lecture and a seminar system. But the approach to every student, however, must be individualized. In my old school all the non-core items, which were completely uninteresting to me, were required to attend. I think it's wrong. Training should not be imposed on students and cause negative emotions. With regard to self, school trips should be organized more often.

Alex, 23:optimistic point of view, the school of the future to preserve the Soviet system of "saturation students knowledge", thus will give important - skills useful in life. Ability to communicate independently to extract information, think critically and make every effort to develop and improve themselves. I hope that the school will return the human values and ethics and aesthetics will be its cornerstone.

But realistically, I am very afraid of complete degradation of our education. At this point in our education more and more Americanisms. And signed in 1999, Bologna agreement can ruin what is already there. People do not yieldeth think independently, they want to give the right to choose - to teach or not teach mathematics, physics, chemistry, history. All this will lead to the degradation of society - the lack of graduates outlook and basic knowledge. In the 21 st Century School has forgot what is morality and ethics, and I strongly warps when I see the 6-klassnits in thongs and mini skirts, and 8-klassnits discussing at the entrance to another blowjob.

Tatiana, 22: School of the Future seems to me like this: Technology, and once again technology is good or bad, I can not say, I think teachers still appliances or computers, robots should not be replaced, live communication is best. Would like to see a school of the future was wider program. For example, dancing girls would be required, as well as etiquette, etc. In general, items that would be useful in practice in life should be longer.

Masha Shibanova


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