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All "no" business etiquette at the table

May 29 2007

On the rules of conduct for such firm has more than one century. And still without a daily workout, long-term habits to live up to an important meeting or business reception is unlikely to succeed. Therefore, strive to meet the etiquette, even when you are home.

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So, we go to a restaurant for a business meeting. The initiator of the meeting was to come a little earlier and choose convenient table. At the appointed hour to meet visitors and conduct them to his table.

Usually in front of the hall visitors coming to the mirror. Here you can only make sure that you have everything in order and only slightly adjust her hair and clothes, this also applies to men and women.

Should not be aloud to call the waiter knocking fork, spoon or knife to a glass. Wait until the waiter himself will come to you. In the extreme case when it is nearby, with a gesture, show that you need it.

According to the rules of etiquette at the table, you should only rely on his wrist edge. Girls are allowed briefly to lean on the table with his elbow. You can not play instruments, turn off the edge of the tablecloth, under the table to stretch the entire length of his legs. Watch for postural not put your elbows and does not bow down low over his plate.

Linen napkin, designed for individual use, should be deployed and put on his knees. During the meal so do not wipe his lips with a napkin, for these purposes, use a paper towel, and just finishing a meal, a linen napkin can touch the lips and wiped his fingers.

Do not refuse any food, saying that it does not like or harmful. Refuse politely and without explanation. Do not over fill your mouth, bite off large chunks. You can not "slurp", smack one's lips and sip. Eating and drinking should be silent.

Knife or fork should be held towards the end of handle, rather than from the blade or fork. Do not relinquish your little finger. Indecent is, with a knife. During the call, you can not wave their arms, the more utensils. During a break in the food bag on the left fork from the plate, tines down, knife - on the right edge to her. Devices behind the plate in parallel meant that dishes can be removed. If a knife or fork accidentally fell, we should not try to raise them during the meal, it's better to ask for a new device. With a common dish meals take common devices and blaming himself at the plate, you can not take the individual devices from a common dish.

Every piece is located in the mouth, should be swallowed, even if the dish does not like. You can only spit out fish and fruit pits. That this should be done carefully, on the edge of your spoon or fork, to remind you probably do not.

Bread from the basket or dish takes his hands and fingers, break off small pieces. Sunflower meal can be spoon of salt shakers, if it does not, take the salt with the tip of his knife. Dip in the total salt shaker for a piece is strictly prohibited.

If the soup is hot, do not blow or disturb it with a spoon, it's better to wait until it cools down. Dumplings, noodles, potatoes in the soup if necessary, crush the edge of a spoon.Spoon scoop from himself and brings to his mouth left a wide margin. Doedaya soup, slightly tilt the plate with his left hand on my own. Soup spoon can not be put on a tablecloth or napkin after eating its leaves in the dish. If the soup served in a cup with one handle, it can be drunk as tea. If the cup with two handles, the broth should be eaten with a spoon.

During lunch and dinner meals and snacks, meat, cheese, sausage, ham been taken to put on bread, constructing a sandwich, they should not be immediately cut into small pieces. It is better to cut the pieces gradually, taking advantage of the knife and fork. Butter spread on bread or ham with a knife. Before this piece of oil from oil can put on the edge of your plate.

Peas can not prick with a fork, it should recruit, how to paddle. Salad, served on a separate dish, not shifted, and eat from the same plates in the order that lies at the core plate.

Spaghetti and pasta eaten with a fork in his right hand and a spoon in the left, reeling 2.1 makaroniny to pull the plug, cutting off the edge of a spoon rest makaroniny. Strictly forbidden to use a knife with pasta, soups, scrambled eggs, pudding and jelly. Vegetables, including potatoes, if necessary, crush the edge of the fork, not a knife. Meat dishes of meat and cut into pieces (goulash, beef stroganoff) only eat with a fork!

The fish is eaten with a fork and a special knife or two forks or a fork and a piece of bread. The fish is not cut and separated from the bones. Typically, fish dishes are served with a slice of lemon. After eating a lemon is applied to the lips and lightly grease them, resulting in a fishy odor disappears.

Poultry should be eaten with knife and fork. Exception: chickens, tobacco, a dish you can eat with your hands. If difficulties arise, it is better to leave the meat eaten.

Stir the sugar in a cup should be silent and not for long. Always remove the spoon and put on a saucer. According to the rules of etiquette should not drink tea or coffee from the spoon. Slice of lemon in the tea spoon and put the squeeze on the edge of the saucer.

For desserts there are special devices to help them eat cakes, puddings, ice creams, creams, etc. Sponge cakes and cake eating dessert with a fork or a teaspoon, hard cakes that crumble easily - hands. Biscuits, waffles, cakes and sweets are taking hands.

When choosing fruit, lying in a vase, you should take vending without touching the others. Fruits can be cleaned his hands, but there must be on a plate with knife and fork. Bananas peeled and eaten with a knife and fork, cutting circles. In orange peel crosswise incision, remove it and divide into cloves. No oranges or tangerines do not clean spiral! Grapefruit should be submitted sliced crosswise with separate pulp from the rind. His sprinkled with powdered sugar and eaten with a spoon.

At the table to talk about illnesses and troubles. You should not address the question about the cost of meals and drinks. It is impolite to continue to eat or talk with neighbors at the time, as someone said a toast. Play must be silent. After the toast, not necessarily drinking all the wine poured into a glass. Beer does not clink. You should not drink when there is food in your mouth.

Finished eating, put the devices in parallel to each other, interrupting - criss-cross. To leave the restaurant usually offers the first initiator of the meeting. The calculation is made when all had finished eating. Money is put on a plate, for which a bill. Try not to attract attention when you pay off - it is ugly.

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