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Earn at-large: new profession in the labor market

March 28 2007

The need for a new profession arose from frustration in their work or with modifications job market. To accurately determine a new job, you should seriously look into yourself. Analyze your skills, knowledge and skills, and level of education. Let's try to describe the most popular profession for today.

Promoter - a worker to promote the product in the retail trade. Promoter monitors the location of goods on shelves and advertises the product to attract new customers. As you can see, the main problem of promoter does not require special skills. The main requirements: communication skills, presentable appearance, a desire to work. The main contingent of employees consists of full-time university students.

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Supervisor - a controller of the promoters. You organize their work directly on the ground. Supervisors monitor that promoters were successful in places that they have always been a sufficient number of promotional materials, and that nothing prevented them working. If the promoter - is working hands, the supervisor - a head. He sees the course of promotions in real time and can react quickly to get the maximum advertising effect. From the basic requirements: Vocational Education and responsibility and ability to command. Mandatory presence of a car.

Developer - engaged in real estate transactions, sometimes called a realtor. In your main responsibilities of project development from the order and until the lease of the finished property. The developer will decide who and how will pay for the construction, but apart from that its objective - to profit from the project. This profession requires profound economic and legal knowledge, and organizational abilities.

Copywriter - a person develops creativity in advertising. Creating the concept of an advertising campaign, advertising texts, slogans, press releases. An experienced copywriter can not just come up with an advertising slogan, but also to create quality content publication. Requirements: high level of creativity, originality of thought and linguistic education.

Dealer (born dealer - dealer, service) - engaged in buying and selling securities, currencies, various commodities. It acts on its behalf and at their own expense. Profits generated from the dealer the price difference (rate) of the seller and buyer, as well as due to changes in prices (rates) over time. Special education is not required.

Speechwriter (English speech - speech, write-write). If you know how well and quickly to write press releases and articles, it work for you. Applicant is desirable to have higher education, received the Faculty of Journalism.

Jobber (from the English. - Jobber - commission) - an intermediary in the stock market. This kind of broker, but unlike him jobber buys and sells shares for your account. The income or loss consists of the jobber margin rates to buy and sell shares or other securities.Requires a good knowledge economy, as well as the lack of fear of losing everything.

Cowcher (from the English. - Coach - coach) - a man, revealing the potential of employees. Various techniques and approaches you increase productivity and efficiency of the workforce. Requirements: good communication skills, deep knowledge of psychology and sociology.

Sales Manager (English - salesman-seller), he's a traveling salesman - go to their tents, and offers a product of his company. It is desirable to have a solid experience in trade and communication skills required.

Image-maker - to create a professional image of the person or company, work in advertising and electoral campaigns, participation in enhancing the corporate culture of the organization. Requirements: art education, creative thinking.

Analyst - this person collection, management, interpretation and analysis of information. You should be able to make surveys and forecasts in various spheres of work. Preferably specialized education, but the main innovative thinking and analytical skills.

Coordinator - is the man who runs and maintains a promo campaign. If supervisors supervise promoters directly in the field, the coordinator manages all promotional staff already at the office. He was "sitting on the remote, receiving calls and promptly respond to them. In addition, the coordinator call up the base and to recruit staff, as promoters, and supervisors. Facilitator conducts coaching and distributes point. The Coordinator maintains all records for promotions, and coordinator handles all administrative issues. Therefore, no major promotional campaign is not possible without the work of the coordinator.

Assistant (English - assistant - assistant), often the vacancy is represented as a personal assistant. You must not only organize the work of the head of the company, but also act as a mediator - to negotiate on behalf of persons who represent. In this position, valued fairly high intellectual level and personality.

Alex Vitvitskiy


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