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Five reasons to learn how to save

December 26 2006

You can not read this story, if you save contraindicated, money missing from his head, or your lifestyle, you are not going to change. All other articles will be extremely useful.

Empirically tested, no matter how much you earn, the money you will always be enough. Such is the nature of man. If you are still naive to believe that wages are not enough, because it is small, then you are mistaken. Even if your salary will grow three times overnight, after a couple of months, your queries will grow accordingly, and wages will again be missed.

On the question "what to do," answers a lot: you can open your business (every penny counts), married / marry "money bag" (as you can spend), to win the lottery (first need to buy a ticket).

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Catch it!

But we came to the conclusion that it is better to learn how to save money. To get started you need a savings goal. Ideally, you can easily set aside 10-15 percent of income, without noticing it. Formulate some concrete advice on how best to economize.

The plus credit card account.

When something Benjamin Franklin said: "Spend less than earn - that you and the Sorcerer's Stone". Try the end of each month to do so by plus-remained. With this system you can see how much money you have left and you will not spend too much.

Clearly his goal, save for a particular purchase is not so difficult. Take a pen and paper, try to plan your monthly budget, half a year. In one column, you must specify "income", another "consumption".

Article "discharge" is divided into spending: mandatory (utilities, sections, food, petrol), nice (another new rags, perfume, etc.) and contingencies. In principle, regardless of mandatory spending, it is easy to save, simply set priorities.

A good option, receiving a salary to remove all the large bills and change money portions a week. It is proved that, if change for 1000 rubles in small denominations, the money will disappear much faster on any kestrel.

Do you have a decent human standards on salary (1000 USD)? Opening an additional account, which will be automatically credited with a percentage of negotiated salaries, you will save. The method of radical, but the most effective.

Save it makes sense if you know what you need it. But the economy must be reasonable. For example, if you want to buy a car, it is reasonable to delay each month an amount not detrimental substantial harm to the budget, but do not eat at random and be horrible, just to buy a coveted cars to May Day.

Savings needed to ensure that we could buy better and more desirable things or services. Better to buy a car within a year, but fun to relax on the sea in the New Year, or bring long-legged colleague for a cup of coffee. If you deny yourself almost everywhere, soon you will not experience the emotions of joy and love, and without them life is not sweet.

Alex Vitvitskiy


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